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8 Celebrity-Inspired Diwali Hairstyle Ideas for 2023

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8 Celebrity-Inspired Diwali Hairstyle Ideas for 2023

Twinkling lights along the streets, the aroma of confections wafting through the air, and the sounds of merriment everywhere! The auspicious festival of Diwali has made the nation come alive, and how! As a little festive treat (from one beauty enthusiast to another), I am bringing you a list of hairstyle ideas for the festivities. Hand-picked from the leading ladies of Bollywood, these hairdos are practical yet don’t compromise on the glamour quotient. So, are you ready to slay this festive season? From Alia Bhatt’s artistic floral updo to Kiara Advani’s mermaid-like waves – scroll further for some easy-to-create and simple Diwali hairstyle ideas for 2023.

1. Alia Bhatt

It’s Alia Bhatt’s world and we are living in it! The multi-hyphenate, who recently accepted the National Award for the best actress, donned a French bun for the felicitation ceremony. The cherry on the top? The white roses – adding a retro twist to the elegant look. If you wish to recreate this hairstyle for Diwali– start by puffing up your natural tresses for volume on the crown. Now, tie your natural (slightly tousled) locks in a low, loose pony. For the grand finale, twist and pin this pony into a bun. If you can’t find fresh flowers, grab this juda pin from Nykaa for a chic avatar.

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2. Deepika Padukone

‘Not a single hair out of place’ is how I would describe DP’s hairstyle, the sleek bun. It is minimal, functional and jaw-dropping! Start with wet tresses or lather a considerable amount of gel onto the strand (for freshly washed hair). Avoid applying the formulation onto the roots, as it may weigh down your mane. Now, with a boar bristle comb-brush your mane back and secure it into a ponytail. Twist the ponytail into a bun while ensuring the strays don’t spike. P.S. You can don this hairdo even with supremely greasy hair. I call that a WIN!

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3. Kiara Advani

Free-flowing and alluring, Kiara’s beachy waves look is the perfect fit for this festive season. It is effortless and flatters all skin shapes (no exceptions). To get Kaira’s ‘pretty in pink’ look, start with a generous spray of heat protectant on the tresses. Next, create two sections in the mane, in a half-up, half-down fashion. (P.S. I recommend tackling the lower half first with the curling wand). Now, wrap a section of your hair around the curling wand, hold it for ten seconds, and release it to form defined coils.

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4. Khushi Kapoor

The ‘Archies’ star made her debut appearance at the coveted Paris Fashion Week. Although clad in a gold outfit– Khushi's power braid stole the show for me. An embodiment of confidence sprinkled with laid-back elegance, you too can perfect the sleek braid at home. Use a brush to smoothen out your hair (in and around the crown), plaiting the length into a low tail. If your hair is extremely frizzy, summon a flyaway stick for the desired impeccable finish.

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5. Sonam Kapoor

Embrace the festival of lights by being unabashedly ‘you’ and don a no-nonsense, functional hairdo. The newly-minted mom, Sonam Kapoor, shows us how to work an Ariana Grand-sque pony with panache. All you need is a brush and an unfailing hair tie to last you an evening of shenanigans. For the finishing touches, add a spritz or two of an infallible spray to make the pony look fresh and buoyant.

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6. Aditi Rao Hydari

Aditi Rao Hydari has a knack for acing ethnic looks. In a gem from the actor’s Insta handle, we see her rocking a fishtail. This three-strand braid is one of the best hairstyles for Diwali– equal parts bohemian and elegant. To recreate Aditi’s ‘do at home, create two sections along the length of your hair, let’s call it A and B. Now, take a lock of hair from the first section (A) and transfer it to the other side. Repeat this process- take a lock of hair from the second section and shift it to side A to create the best fishtail.

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7. Sanya Malhotra

If you wish to embrace your hair’s natural texture this Diwali, I have just the perfect product. Add a defining gel into your regimen, regardless of whether you’re using overnight rollers or a styling wand. This concoction will make the coils in your hair look defined and taut while ensuring their longevity.

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8. Sara Alia Khan

Wish for a low-effort hairstyle for Diwali with a fun spin? Take inspiration from none other than Sara Ali Khan. The Princess of Pataudi rocked baby braids, pinned to either side of her crown while the rest of her hair volume rode wild and free. With minimal use of pins or bands, this hairdo looks phenomenal and secures your hair as you frolic on the dance floor.

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Hope these hairstyle ideas help realise your glam vision for the festive season. Happy Diwali to those who celebrate!

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