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Best Hand Washes to Keep Germs Away

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Best Hand Washes

Picture this, you get off your seat, push open the door on your way out; and there you go  picking up all the germs contributed by all the people who didn’t bother washing their hands! God forbid you smear the lip balm onto your lips with ‘em hands. You’ve officially got yourself into the ultimate hygiene disaster. Why are we skipping the hand wash, lady? And you thought you could do away with washing your hands just before meals or so.

This is why washing hands qualifies as an unquestionable requirement. Period. It’s probably one of the first few things we are taught as kids yet one of the last few things we follow right.

So how do you fix this? For starters, make your own homemade hand wash and take things in hand. P.S. Bad nasties, excluded.


How to Make Hand Wash at Home

Ingredients you’ll need:

  • 1 bar of anti-bacterial hand soap (Works as a key ingredient for germ-protection)
  • Glycerine (Works as a moisturizing agent to make the hand wash gentle on skin)
  • Essential oil of your choice (Works to improve the fragrance of the hand wash)


Step 1: Grate an anti-bacterial soap into a bowl till the entire soap is reduced to flakes.

Step 2: Add the soap flakes in a blender and pour a cup of boiled water into it. Blend until it takes on the consistency of paste.

Step 3: Now add one tablespoon of Glycerine and 10 drops of Essential Oil into the blender. Again blend until the ingredients are thoroughly mixed to create a soapy consistency.

Step 4: Leave the mixture to cool down for 10 minutes. Once it’s cooled, pour your DIY hand wash into a pump bottle using a funnel.

Step 5: Shut the lid and shake. Your best defense is now bottled and ready to use.

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How to Wash Hands

For all you know, you’ve probably been doing it wrong. Washing your hands the right way is the least you can do to protect not just yourself but your immediate loved ones. So here’s a quick guide on the hand washing technique.

Step 1: First wet your hands and then apply a dime-sized amount of liquid hand wash on your palm.

Step 2: Rub your hands thoroughly to ensure it covers the entire surface of both your hands. Don’t forget the back of your hands and finger nails.

Step 3: Interlace your fingers to cover the areas between the fingers and finish off by soaping your wrists.

Step 4: After at least 40 seconds of vigorous rubbing, wash off with clean running water.

Step 5: Dry your hands with a clean paper or cotton towel.

Best Liquid Hand Washes

If making your own hand wash is too much of work, fret not we’ve got you covered with our list of best liquid hand washes to keep your hands happy and safe. Curious? Check ’em out.

Best Hand Washes- Mirah Belle Organic & Bath & Body Works Champagne Toast Gentle Foaming Hand Soap

1. Bath & Body Works Champagne Toast Gentle Foaming Hand Soap

The Bath & Body Works Champagne Toast Gentle Foaming Hand Soap delivers a cloud of luxurious foam that transforms into a rich, creamy lather to gently wash away dirt and germs. The soothing aloe and nourishing vitamin E present in this formula will leave your hands feeling soft and smooth.

2. Dettol Original Liquid Handwash Pump

As long as you’re not living under the rock (nope, we don’t mean the lockdown), you should know what is equivalent to trusted protection – Dettol Original Liquid Handwash Pump. If you’re still wondering why, the Dettol hand wash provides 10 times better protection against a wide range of germs. And it’s perfect for everyday use. Now it doesn’t smell like roses but it’ll show those slithering microbes who’s the boss.

Best Hand Washes- Dettol Original Liquid Handwash Pump
Best Hand Washes- Himalaya Pure Hands Deep Cleansing Tulsi and Lemon Hand Wash

3. Himalaya Pure Hands Deep Cleansing Tulsi and Lemon Hand Wash

Here’s a way to know how it feels to dunk your hands into a lemon treat and realise clean, fresh and soft hands in the wake. The Himalaya Pure Hands Deep Cleansing Tulsi and Lemon Hand Wash is specially formulated to kill most germs with its antimicrobial action and it’s tough on grease too. Did we also mention, it’s built to restore your skin’s pH balance which means soft and supple hands? Two birds, one stone.

4. St. D'vencé Himalayan Pink Salt With Water Lily Hand Wash

You know that fancy towel and hand wash, you bring out only when you’ve guests around? Well we’ve found a potential in St. D'vencé Himalayan Pink Salt With Water Lily Hand Wash but we highly doubt you’d want to shelve it back. That’s because it’s bottled therapy for your hands. Infused with Himalayan pink salt, lotus oil and water Lily. , a nourishing cleanse with this one will assure you All is Well. Honestly, we‘re so obsessed with it, we could swim in it right now and rinse off with it again. Does that make sense?

Best Hand Washes- St. D'vencé Himalayan Pink Salt With Water Lily Hand Wash
Best Hand Washes – Palmolive Natural Black Orchid & Milk Hand Wash

5. Palmolive Natural Black Orchid & Milk Hand Wash

Come for the sensual scent of Black Orchids and stay for the moisture-infused rich anti-bacterial formula. The Palmolive Natural Black Orchid & Milk Hand Wash is formulated to knock off impurities and leave your hands freshly cleansed. And what about the infamous after-wash dryness? Well the milk proteins in this Palmolive hand wash protect your skin and restore its lost moisture content. Plus, it smells like spring in bottle.

6. Savlon Herbal Sensitive germ protection Handwash

If you’ve sensitive skin and life is already tough on you, let’s grab you a hand wash that’s anything but tough on you. The Savlon Herbal Sensitive germ protection Handwash is a mild formula infused with herbal essence that cleans your hands without drying them out.  What make this Savlon hand wash dependable? It’s packed with tiny superheroes called silver nano particles that slap those germs and wrap your hands with a protective barrier. We’re impressed.

Best Hand Washes – Savlon Herbal Sensitive Germ Protection Hand Wash
Best Hand Washes- Fiama Fresh Peppermint And Green Apple Hand Wash Bottle

7. Fiama Fresh Peppermint And Green Apple Hand Wash Bottle

Pump dollops of freshness onto your hands with the Fiama Fresh Peppermint And Green Apple Hand Wash Bottle. Packed with Green Apple and Peppermint, this Fiama hand wash clears the dirt and grime while leaving your hands with a mood-uplifting fragrance. And you should know the freshness lingers for ages after you’ve used. We know it’s too cute to use but the payoff is healthy hands that smell heavenly. Cool, huh?

8. Nykaa Wanderlust Handwash Refill Pouch - Lavender

Sometimes all you need is a hand wash that’s anti-bacterial, moisturizing and formulated to restore your skin’s pH balance. Enter: Nykaa Wanderlust Handwash Refill Pouch - Lavender. This cruelty-free hand wash promises to be gentle on your hands. Oh, and the blend of Milk and Honey smells so irresistibly good, just we can’t get enough.

Best Hand Washes – Nykaa Wanderlust Handwash Refill Pouch - Lavender

FAQs on Hand Washes

1. What are some recommended Organic hand wash products?

  1. Patanjali Aloevera Hand Wash
  2. Vaadi Herbals Anti-Bacterial Neem Oil & Ginger Hand Wash
  3. Bon Organics Orange & Cinnamon Hand Wash

2. What is more effective between hand wash and sanitizer?

Washing hands with a liquid hand wash or soap is more effective than merely rubbing your hands with a sanitizer. The former, when done right, effectively kills germs and viruses.

3. When is it advised to wash your hands

  • Before and after preparing meals
  • Before having a meal
  • After petting animals
  • After using the bathroom
  • After touching unclean surfaces at home or outside
  • Before and after meeting someone who’s sick
  • Before and after cleaning a wound
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