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Best Herbal Tea To Keep You Fit

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Guide on herbal tea

Only a tea lover can understand the gentle tranquility a sip of tea offers, amidst the everyday chaos and routine. As an herbal tea connoisseur, one wouldn’t even need convincing about the mental and physical upgrade that can be experienced with this refreshing beverage. So what’s an herbal tea? Well, for starters, it’s not really a tea.

Confused, aren’t you? Well, herbal tea unlike its other counterparts is an infusion of dried leaves, roots, flowers, barks and fruits picked from a non-tea plant. Also known as tisane, it’s a healthy concoction with usually less or zero caffeine.

Love the herbal way of life? Scroll down for all the deets.

Benefits Of Herbal Tea

Here’s a lowdown on the herbal tea benefits.

  • If nasal congestion and cough stay loyally attached to you even beyond winters, all you need is an herbal tea to counteract the cold. It’s your best bet at gradually treating the persistent cold and cough.
  • The ingredients in herbal tea team up to breakdown fats thus rapidly reducing symptoms of indigestion and bloating. Choose cinnamon, cardamom, dandelion or chamomile tea variants to ease digestion.
  • A stronger immunity makes you less susceptible to infections. There’s no better way to build your immunity than with herbal tea that can lower the risk of chronic disease and boost immune response. Opt for ginger, and liquorice root tea for best results.
  • If you start now, this won’t be another one of your futile attempts at keeping your skin look younger. Regularly drinking herbal tea can slow down the ageing process and prevent free radical damage thanks to the high levels of antioxidants.
  • If you are pregnant, you could certainly do with an instant relief from nausea. Ensure a couple of glasses of herbal tea every day to feel better and less nauseous.
  • It works as a mild antidepressant and a sedative that calms the mind, releases stress and treats insomnia. The most popular one that does this job well is the chamomile tea.
  • Topical creams and medication for treating skin troubles come with their own side effects. To avoid relying entirely on them, regularly drink herbal tea for reduced acne breakout.
how to make herbal tea

How To Make Herbal Tea

  • Boil a cup of water in a steel pot and allow it to simmer for 2 minutes. Turn off the heat when you notice small bubbles.
  • Now empty the water from the pot into a cup. Dip an herbal tea bag in the cup and allow it to infuse for 2 minutes. If you like your brew strong, allow it to sit for longer duration.
  • Add mint leaves for garnish or honey as per taste. Enjoy your guilt-free indulgence!

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Types Of Herbal Tea

Chamomile tea, ginger tea, peppermint tea, hibiscus tea, rooibos tea, sage tea, lemongrass tea, red clover tea, cinnamon tea and lemon herbal tea are a few of the many herbal tea variants available. Here’s a lowdown on a few of them.

chamomile tea benefits

1. Chamomile Tea

When you think of Chamomile tea, think of an earthy taste laced with gentle apple and floral notes. It works perfectly well for treating cough, reducing menstrual pain and relieving an upset tummy. At the cost of sounding technical, apigenin, an antioxidant found in Chamomile, binds to certain brain receptors thereby, calming the mind and promoting sleep. So, trust us when we say: this one can go the extra mile.

2. Passion Flower Tea

Passion flower is known to spike the levels of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) that helps achieve better sleep and mood. Bound to your desk job for long hours? Thanks to the powerful antioxidant properties of this earthy herb, it can help ease nerve related pain, such as back pain. A word of caution: Do go overboard with this muscle relaxant unless you don’t mind drifting off to a sound sleep.

passion flower tea
lemon herbal tea

3. Lemon Balm Tea

This kid of the mint family is your best bet at relieving stress and lowering anxiety. Besides, if you are looking to improve your concentration and memory levels, take a sip of this brisk treat and boost your cognitive abilities. On days when you have had a little too much to eat, a cup of this tea can act as a balm for your tummy troubles and ease digestion. Expect a citrusy flavor that lies between sweet and tart.

4. Dandelion Tea

We know how hard it can get to spare a thought for your liver on boozy nights. To lower the guilt, you can simply follow it up with a cup of warm Dandelion tea in the morning. How does that help? It detoxifies the liver thus, flushing out the toxins. The best part? It has a bold flavor with toasty notes that tastes almost similar to your regular black coffee except that it is caffeine-free. Win-win.

herbal tea for weight loss

Best Herbal Tea

1. Organic India Tulsi Ginger

Your grandma’s trusted solution to everything from cold to indigestion has now found its way in this herbal tea. Replete with Tulsi and Ginger, the Organic India Tulsi Ginger helps eliminate toxins and minimize the symptoms of cold and cough. It’s also ideal for boosting stamina during your 4 P.M. slumps. This is your cue to grab yourself one for days when none of the motivational quotes seem to do the trick.

2. Tea Treasure Apple Spice Fruit Tea

Black Assam tea just got a vibrant upgrade with the fruity taste of dried apples and the subtle spicy notes of cinnamon. Kick back and relax with a cup of Tea Treasure Apple Spice Fruit Tea for comforting warmth against winter chills. What makes it more reliable on the health front? The apples are naturally dried and are free of sulphate, sweeteners or any preservatives at all.

caffeine-free herbal tea

3. Kairali Taahira Herbal Tea (For Healing & Detoxifying)

If there was a healthier alternative to your regular tea, then this caffeine-free treat would be it. Enriched with the goodness of anti-diabetic herbs, the Kairali Taahira Herbal Tea stimulates the pancreas to produce more insulin. Apart from improving blood circulation, it flushes out toxins and cleanses the body. Think of it as a perfect supplement to your regular medicinal treatments for piles and stomach ailments.

4 .Goodwyn Peppermint Tea

Packed with naturally dried mint leaves, the Goodwyn Peppermint Tea will leave a burst of freshness in your mouth with every sip. Thanks to the resulting cooling sensation, it makes for a light and a refreshing drink. Bonus? It helps you fight bad breath without the added sugar and the prolonged chewing in the case of mint fresheners. Besides, it helps aid weight-loss and relieve stress. You can enjoy it with a zest of lemon to give it the citrusy punch.

best chamomile tea

5. Dharmsala Tea Company Relaxing Tisane

A cocktail of Chamomile, Rose Petals, Hibiscus, Lavender and Lemongrass, the Dharmsala Tea Company Relaxing Tisane soothes your mind from acute stress. Best had as a night tea, it can relax your muscles and improve sleep quality. The best bit? This moderate caffeine treat helps lower bad cholesterol and boost metabolism which means you get to be the fitter version of yourself.

FAQs on Herbal Tea

1. What are the health benefits of chamomile tea?

Chamomile tea benefits include:

  • Treats cold
  • Promotes sleep and treats insomnia
  • Reduces muscle cramps and pain associated with period
  • Treats wounds and skin conditions
  • Reduces stress
  • Lightens skin
  • Lowers risk of chronic illnesses

2. Suggest herbal tea for weight loss.

  1. Kapiva Ayurveda Get Slim Green Tea
  2. Blue Tea Spiced Lemon Purple
  3. Kapiva Ayurveda Masala Ayurvedic Tea

3. Recommend herbal green tea.

  1. Organic Wellness Real Mashallah Green Tea Classic Tin
  2. TGL Co. Organic Green Tea
  3. Tea Treasure Super Tulsi Green Tea
  4. Amaara Herbs Matcha Japanese Green Tea Powder

4. Which is the best chamomile tea available?

  1. TGL Co. Sweet Dreams Chamomile Tea
  2. Goodwyn Calming Chamomile Tea
  3. Tea Treasure Pure Chamomile Tea Gift Bottle
  4. Dharmsala Tea Company Himalayan Lemongrass Chamomile Green Tea
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