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Vegan Lifestyle Beauty Brand-AMUSE Is Here To Stay

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The paradigm shift in the beauty landscape has compelled many enthusiasts to veer towards conscious and clean beauty choices in recent times. Results? A burgeoning demand for formulations with sustainably sourced ingredients, devoid of harmful chemicals, and are cruelty-free. A trend that will not face the wrath of time and fade but one sure to transcend every frame and affix.

This discernible evolution of customer behaviour and buying patterns has also birthed a new crop of brands— one such name that stands tall in the South Korean Beauty market is AMUSE. Offering a series of vegan products with a fresh set of brand values, contemporary ethos and ultra-chic packaging— the startup based out of Seoul has already cemented its position as an upcoming lifestyle beauty brand.


K-Pop Star Seulgi For AMUSE

A subsidiary of Naver Show Cooperation, the line aims at delivering a differentiated experience to all its users, where muted, natural makeup takes centre stage. The inventive product development process and an out-of-the-box yet relatable brand story weaved by the creative team have made AMUSE quite a fixation amongst the MZers of South Korea (Milneials + Gen Z). Amping the worldwide appeal of the brand — the entrant has earned the vote of confidence from K-Pop A-listers like Gong Ho-Jyin, Lee Hyori and the brand ambassador Seulgi (from Red Velvet).

Within 1 year and 6 months of the launch of their most popular offering- the AMUSE Dew Tint sold over 350000 units worldwide, a testament to the superior formulations, an astute social media engagement plan and the undeniable hold the brand has on its consumers. As AMUSE goes from strength to strength, we bring you an overview of the best-selling formulations. Make sure to add them to your vanity right in time for the holiday season

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AMUSE Vegan Green Lip Balm

This all-star, vegan offering from AMUSE gives your lips a sheen finish with a dose of nourishment. Infused with 'good-for-you' plant-derived ingredients, vitamin imbued jeju rapeseed oil, low-molecular hyaluronic acid (that ensures hydration to the deepest layers) and phytoncica complex— the formulation gives the lips the adequate amount of moisturisation, without seeming uncomfortably greasy or stuffy. A must-have product that you should grab during the winter season to keep chapped, flaky lips at bay!

USP: The first vegan lip balm from AMUSE sits in a single box packaging, made of FSC certified paper and printed with soybean oil ink — true to AMUSE's core values and ethos. Available in 2 shades

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AMUSE Chou Velvet

Braced with an innovative comfort fixing that ensures a long-lasting finish, no feathering, a great colour pay-off— this tint is no short of a wonder. The satiating concoction with choux cream glides on with no resistance and fills in the creases on the lips (if any). With the brand’s patented aqua ceramide care on the outside and small-molecule hyaluronic acid that percolate deep, this tint grants the ideal nourishment, hydration and elasticity to your lips.

USP: Lightweight formula: moisturising on the inside; makes your lips appear fuller and plumper on the outside! Available in 8 shades

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AMUSE Eye Vegan Sheer Palette

You can seldom falter with a statement eye look, which is why we recommend getting your hands on the Sheer Palette in time for the holiday season! The beautiful hues grant your eyelids a pearlescent finish with just one swipe. The formulation is light and blendable with a silky moist fitting system which makes layering a breeze.

USP: The translucent, sparkly finish deems the palette perfect for the party season. The silky moist fitting system ensures that the pigments don't budge. Available in 4 gorgeous schemes.

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AMUSE Dew Tint

An unprecedented formula with 35% water, adheres to the lips with the triple structure of water-oil-water. This hybrid product allows the natural colour of your lips to shine through with a water coat finish. Infused with mango, apple and vitamin E extract, it is also adept in giving your lips dewy care against external aggregators.

USP: Potent formulation with water stained colours and a long-lasting glow. Available in 12 shades.

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AMUSE Skin Tune Vegan Cover Cushion

Another superlative offering from this beloved global label— the Amuse Skin Tune Vegan Cover Cushion guarantees your skin high coverage with a long last effecting. Powered with the goodness of high moisture birch sap and eucalyptus leaf, this hybrid superhero administers a clean and clear complexion.

USP: The formula and packaging steer clear of animal products and by-products

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