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Best Maroon Lipstick Shades for All Skin Tones

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Best Maroon Lipstick Shades

If the idea of flaunting a pout saturated with deep pigments sounds intimidating you, wait till you find your perfect match. On that note, we’ve found you a fail-proof dark shade to make a standout statement: maroon. When you think maroon, think splashes of deep red on earthy brown. Maroon lipstick shades are universally flattering as long as you pick the one meant for your skin tone and safely avoid a lippie faux paus.

To help you channel your inner goth-goddess vibe, we’ve rounded up the best maroon lipsticks. Meet your pout match based on your skin tone and thank us later. Ready to be swooned?


Finding the Right Maroon Lipstick Shades

Maroon lipstick for fair skin

1. Maroon Lipsticks For Fair Skin Tone

Wary of trying a rich maroon color? Don’t be. A glide of maroon on your pout is your best bet at looking unapologetically bold. If you have a fair skin tone with cool undertones opt for deep maroons or vibrant crimsons to make your lips pop. To complement warm undertones, opt for deep mahogany shades of maroon.

2. Maroon Lipsticks For Medium Skin Tone

Medium-skinned beauties, lean on the lighter side or the darker side of maroon to instantly elevate your look. Having said that, choose a hybrid hue between berry and burgundy to steal the spotlight on your face. You can also get aboard for a sultry voyage with the maroon oak shade.

Maroon lipstick for Indian skin
Maroon lipstick for dark skin

3. Maroon Lipsticks For Dusky Skin Tone

Give your pout a burst of royal or burnt maroon and gear up for an irresistible vampy transition. If you have warm undertones, don’t hesitate to go for the deeper shades of maroon. Those blessed with cool undertones, blue-toned maroons are your perfect bets.


To sum it up

To select the perfect maroon lipstick for fair skin tone:

  • Bright maroons and pink-toned maroons are the ideal fits for your pout.
  • If you have a fair complexion with warm undertones, opt for deep mahogany shades of maroon.

To select the perfect maroon lipstick for medium skin tone:

  • Go bold or go light – you can pull off any maroon color lipstick that you fancy.
  • Mauve or berry maroons can amp up your complexion.
  • Go for deeper maroon shades if you want to sport the perfect glam look.

To select the perfect maroon lipstick for dark skin tone:

  • For those blessed with a darker skin tone, try deeper shades of maroon with more intense pigments.
  • Royal maroons and dark maroons will work brilliantly at complementing your complexion.

Types of Maroon Lipstick Shades

Dark maroon lipstick

1. Dark Maroon

The darkest member of the maroon family, this shade looks best on light skin tone with cool undertones. Expect an opaque finish (not for the faint hearted) that lets you build boldness with a dark maroon lipstick. The bold pigments lean to the warmer spectrum of brown to create a brilliant contrast on your complexion and make your pout stand out.

2. Maroon Red

How about giving a shot to a hue of maroon charged with some serious sensuality? Enter: Maroon red. Bold and elegant, the maroon red lipstick complements both light and olive skin tones. Thanks to its mildly poppy look, it says plush like no other. And the best part? The stunning finish on your pout will instantly transport you to the ‘90s.

Maroon red lipstick
Maroon lipstick shades

3. Bright Maroon

Saturate your lips with a maroon shade that’s halfway between the rosy and browny hues – the bright maroon. Representing a blend of feminine and edgy, it’s a perfect fit for someone who’s not ready to go full-throttle with a deep shade. How? The rosy hues lend a pop of radiant red that make it less overwhelming. Talk about giving the nearly-dark color a spring break.

4. Burgundy Maroon

Leave it to the burgundy infused maroon to achieve the equal parts gutsy and pretty look. If you are blessed with warm complexion, you can’t go wrong gliding your lips with this mild purple-tinted burgundy shade. Thanks to the come-hither pout effective enough to make a statement on its own, you’ll barely need any other makeup. Perfect, no?

Deep maroon lipstick - Burgundy
Maroon matte lipstick

5. Maroon Pink

In case you hadn’t noticed, the right splash on your pout can deliver the dangerously chic look. How? A touch of punchy pink on a base of maroon is the perfect recipe for a gorgeous concoction without going all the way over to the dark side. It’s best suited on with complexion with cool undertones. And yes, it’s workplace-apt. Reporting to duty with your best pout forward.


FAQs on Maroon lipsticks

1. What makeup goes well with maroon lip shade?

Since maroon falls on the bolder side of the color spectrum, ensure that the makeup on the rest of your face is muted. You can go for a simple eyeliner and mascara to define your eyes while letting your pout do the rest.

2. Which maroon lipstick shade is ideal for olive skin tone?

If you have an olive skin tone, go for shades with yellow undertones. Deeper shades like burnt maroon or dark maroon can make your lips pop.

3. How to pull off dark lipstick?

  • Exfoliate your lips regularly to prep your pout base for a smooth glide.
  • Buff your lips with foundation to get the true lipstick shade on your lips.
  • To avoid the dark lip color from feathering, it’s advisable to line your lip. Using a lip liner also helps add definition to your pout.
  • If you have re-applied the lipstick and achieved an overtly dark shade, simply bloat it with a tissue paper to reduce the color intensity.
  • If you are new to experimenting with dark lip shades, start with softer tones before opting for the darker variants.
  • You can make your teeth appear whiter by opting for blue-toned maroon lip shades. They make your teeth appear less yellow.
  • Dark lip colors can build a sharp contrast against fair complexion. To neutralize this effect to an extent, add some blush on your cheeks and contour.

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