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Best Sweat-Proof Makeup Products From Nykaa’s Cross-Border Store

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The stifling heat in Mumbai (where I reside) was proving to be a deterrent to my social life – up until a few weeks ago. That's right. The mere thought of braving the mind-numbing heat and breathing the damp air coerced me to decline plans, often (from the same three friends ). And further, solidifying this resolve to stay put in my air-conditioned oasis, a.k.a my home — makeup melting off my face within a minute outdoors.

I wear makeup on the reg and dread the formulations slipping off my face due to sweat — especially during these peak summer months. Constantly reaching out for the stack of blotting paper tucked away in my carry-on with a side of frantic touch-ups (on the go) is tedious, to say the least. To help thwart this seasonal gripe, I started sampling a bunch of sweat-proof makeup from the most beloved global brands. And I am happy to inform you that these recommendations (by my kind friends at work) are worth every penny! If you are in the same boat as me and want to give your beauty cabinet a summer-appropriate makeover, head to the Cross-Border Store on Nykaa!

Without further ado, the top 6 sweat-proof makeup products from Nykaa's Cross-Border Store. I recommend you add them to your cart right away.

But First Skincare

An infallible skincare regimen is integral to ensuring sweat-proof makeup. During summer it is advised to opt for light-weight, breathable formulas that don't clog the pores. I abide by a simple CSMS (cleanser-serum-moisturiser-sunscreen) routine before wearing makeup. A broad spectrum spf that shields the skin from UVA and UVB rays is non-negotiable. Scroll through for my recommendations!

best sunscreen for summer

Isntree Hyaluronic Acid Watery Sun Gel

This watery sun gel protects the skin from harmful UV radiations from the sun whilst providing it with an adequate dose of hydration. For the unversed, dehydrated skin is prone to overproduce sebum, in an attempt to compensate for the lack of requisite moisture level. One can circumvent the above concern by employing this stellar offering from Nykaa’s Cross-Border Store. Infused with eight variations of HA molecules (with different molecular weights), the concoction hydrates the different layers of the skin. I have been using this offering for over a month and have noticed that my makeup stays intact. Moreover, the base looks immaculate and doesn’t get cracky or flaky over time.

best stick sunscreen for summer

AHC Natural Perfection Double Shield Sun Stick

To ascertain that your makeup is sweat-proof you may turn to the AHC Natural Perfection Double Shield Sun Stick. The mattifying formulation is feather light, non-comedogenic and perfect for people (like me) who have acne affected skin. I have been using this product while venturing outdoors. The stick is easy-to-use and adeptly does away with the unwarranted (sweat) shine. Perfect for long hours outdoors when you want to reapply your SPF!

Makeup That Stays Intact, Through And Through

I opt for light-weight, hybrid formulations that spare me the horror of layering— on an exceptionally off day. Offerings brewed with good-for-you ingredients and SPF are always advisable. Since I am prone to sweating excessively, I have added mattifying products to my regulars. Ahead, my recommendations for mattifying lippies that you must add to your summer cabinet.

best matte liquid lipstick

Natasha Moor Molten Matte Liquid Lipstick - Soul

The rattling thought of my lipstick bleeding under the sweltering Mumbai sun, truly keeps me up at night. Naturally, I always seek potent, water-repellent and smudge proof ahead of the summer season. The Natasha Moor Molten Lipstick checks all the above boxes! Available in 23 pigmented hues, the moisturising formulation has emerged as my ‘DREAM BFF’ this season. From a brunch date with the ladies to exploring exotic locales in a new city— a single swipe of the lipstick gets me through the day. Although I throw the nifty stick in my carry-on, I almost never feel the need for a touch-up while outdoors . This mattifying lipstick must find a spot in your summer starter kit! Add to your cart, right away!

best multi-purpose colour tint

HINDASH Color Fluid - Heartist

This season calls for donning fiery hot, monochromatic looks! To help achieve this feat, I have recently added the HINDASH Colour Fluid to my vanity. The vibrant, cheery shades scream shenanigans, and the feather-light feel makes this offering perfect for summer. I have been summoning this mega versatile concoction on the reg for a matte-sque pop of colour over the lids, cheeks and lips. The formula blends easily and isn’t prone to running (on account of sweat). I strongly recommend this 3-in-1 tube for your summer beauty cabinet.

Letting Hair Hair Down

The untameable frizzy state of my hair in summer makes it burdensome to experiment with cute-easy hairstyles. Moreover, the excessive sweat makes my hair greasy and unmanageable within hours of washing (not exaggerating). To help circumvent this, I have been using hydrating, sweat-clearing hair formulations from Nykaa’s Cross-Border Store.

best hydrating conditioner

Color Wow Coco Motion Lubricating Conditioner

This wonder product has emerged as a new fave in my vanity. My hair is usually unable to hold any style due to the incessant frizzing in summer. But after having introduced this potent concoction in my haircare regimen, which adroitly lubricates the inner protein chain of the hair— my curls stay intact all day. The lubricating conditioner combats frizz, hydrates the shafts and provides the hair with a dose of nourishment!

best dry shampoo for oily scalp

Boucleme Foam To Dry Shampoo

Prone to sweating buckets during the hot months that ruin your efforts to look put together? Ditto! I grapple with an exceptionally greasy scalp that makes the shafts appear very limp and dull. And no matter of styling or products-use can make it salvageable. Which is why I have been using the Foam Dry Shampoo from Boucleme. Infused with tapioca and cornstarch, the shampoo extracts the copious oil from the roots, instantly amplifying the look and feel of my hair.

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