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Best Weight Loss Tips To Stay Fit

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Weight loss tips

Fact: No two weight loss strategies are the same. However, at the heart of every weight loss journey lies a nutrient-dense diet and exercise. And in the long-haul, lifestyle changes slowly but surely make a significant difference at managing weight.

Now, deciding to hop aboard a weight-loss plan is a personal decision and should be approached in a healthy way. To save you the efforts here (you will need it for later) and help you connect with your healthier, best self, we are here to offer our insights.

Tips To Lose Weight

To make losing weight less of a drag, here are a few sneaky ways to quickly swell the results of your weight loss plan (and not your weight we swear).

  • If you haven’t heard this enough, we’ll repeat it once more. Starving is not worth the havoc that instant weight loss wrecks on your body. Indulge in six to eight small portion meals daily to avoid unhealthy binge sessions and lose weight the healthy way.
  • Instead of letting hunger catch you off-guard when commuting to work and giving in to unhealthy packaged meals, carry a handful of nuts, berries or fruit slices with you. This will ensure your weight loss game remains on track.
  • Whoever declared carbs as the enemy didn’t account for the effects its deprivation can have on the body: irritability, headaches, constipation and mood swings. Now we don’t mean cakes and biscuits but you should definitely add brown rice, oatmeal, ragi, bajra and whole wheat to your plate.
  • We admit there’s nothing better than drowning in a pitcher of beer at the end of the day. However, drinking alcohol often hits a pause on your metabolism as your body focuses on getting rid of the booze. So, unless you want a hard time knocking off all those cocktail calories, stick to occasional drinking.
  • Incorporating deep breathing sessions in your daily schedule can help tone the abdominal muscles, boost metabolism and thus, lose weight faster. Still not convinced? When you breathe deeply, the oxygen supply in your body increases and this surplus oxygen is spent on burning the extra fat deposited in your body.
  • Hit the gym or walk your dog if you have to but try to ensure at least 40 minutes of physical activity every day. P.S. Don’t let your 9-5 job stand as an excuse to keep you from getting your daily shot of endorphins.

Diet To Reduce Belly Fat

foods to reduce belly fat- yogurt

1. Yogurt

Yogurt is packed with calcium which is associated with lower levels of abdominal fat. Besides, it triggers the growth of good bacteria in your gut which helps eliminate bloating. Opt for low-fat classic yogurt to reap maximum benefits.

2. Green Tea

No better way to rev up your metabolism than making green tea your go-to beverage. Why? The copious amounts of catechin, an antioxidant present in green tea helps burn fat rapidly. Swap your daily cup of caffeine or soda with green tea to lower your calorie intake.

easy ways to lose weight with green tea
stomach fat burning foods- tuna

3. Tuna

Tuna is replete with essential Omega-3s and lean protein that can make you feel full longer and curb unhealthy cravings. Its popularity among fitness models can be explained by its high protein content and low fat and calorie content.

4. Potatoes

Don’t be surprised. Potatoes when baked are a rich source of potassium and fiber that helps counteract bloating, regulate digestion and lower cholesterol. The best part? It ranks high on satiety index which means it keeps you feeling fuller for longer so you can eliminate unnecessary food binging sessions.

foods that help reduce belly fat- potatoes
belly fat burning food- nuts

5. Nuts

A more satisfying and heart-healthy pick than its junk (chips and crackers) counterparts, nuts can help you maintain a healthy diet. They won’t particularly help you lose weight but they’re a healthy substitute for your carb-based treats. Plus, they’re rich in protein, antioxidants and heart-healthy fats.

6. Chickpea

The best way to slide down the scale is to introduce chickpeas in your meals. Saturated with fiber, protein and antioxidants chickpeas satiate hunger while keeping you feel longer until your next hunger pang. It basically works by suppressing both your appetite and calorie intake and easing efficient digestion.

best foods to reduce belly fat- chickpeas
foods to eat to lose belly fat- peanut butter

7. Peanut Butter

Peanut butter packs 4 grams of fiber and 8 grams of protein which works as an ideal combination to encourage weight loss. This stomach fat burning food improves blood circulation throughout the body which means reduced fluid retention or bloating. Swap it with your regular spread of jam on bread.

8. Berries

These stealthy tummy downsizers are tiny bombs of antioxidants that improve blood flow and deliver more oxygen to the abs. You can sprinkle them on your daily cup of yogurt or have them as mid-day snacks to curb sweet cravings. On that note, let us also tell you that berries comprise the lowest amount of sugar among other fruits.

foods to reduce belly fat- berries
diet to reduce belly fat- avocado

9. Avocado

Avocado is loaded with healthy mono-saturated fats which lower insulin spikes and thwart fat deposition in your belly. Apart from keeping your waist trim, these creamy fruits instantly quells hunger pangs. Mix it with eggs for a protein-rich snack or add a few slices to your morning toast.

10. Whole Grains

Bloat-busting superstars, whole grains are saturated with minerals, fibers and have a low Glycemic index. Unlike their refined counterparts, they contain more dietary fiber, iron, and vitamins. Plus, they’re more filling thus, keeping hunger pangs in check and making weight loss easier. Healthy whole grains include: Quinoa, Barley, Buckwheat, Oats and Brown rice.

diet to lose belly fat- whole grains

FAQs On Weight Loss Tips

1. Suggest easy ways to lose weight with supplements.

The following supplements can be consumed, after consulting with your doctor to speed up fat-burning process.

2. Apart from following a diet to reduce belly fat, what more can be done?

Regular workout and consumption of weight management capsules or drinks can supplement your weight loss plan. The capsules and drinks must be taken only after a prior consultation with your doctor or nutritionist.

3. Suggest fast ways to lose weight with slimming juices.

Incorporate the following juices in your diet along with belly fat burning foods to lose weight faster.

4. To support a diet plan to reduce belly fat, recommend healthy substitutes to regular beverages.

5. Mention 10 foods to reduce belly fat.

Cinnamon, legumes, almonds, walnuts, salmon, avocados, spinach, beetroot, bell peppers and bananas are effective foods to reduce belly fat.

6. Suggest weight loss tips at home.

The following are a few weight loss tips that can be followed at home.

  • While preparing meals, choose extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil as they are the healthier choices.
  • Avoid indulging in processed or packaged foods when binging online. Keep healthier alternatives, such as popcorn and nuts stocked at home.
  • Watch out for the amount of sugar you add to your cup of teaor black/green coffee and avoid adding sugar to your meals whenever possible.
  • Use smaller sized plates to trick yourself into eating smaller portions of food. It will reduce the amount of food you consume and still leave you feeling satisfied.
  • Be aware as you chew your food so you end up consuming lesser calories and know when you are full. So, ensure you eat your food slowly rather than in a haste.
  • Spice up your meals with chili peppers, cinnamon, turmeric, ginger and cardamom to boost metabolism and burn more fat.
  • Sleep deprivation is linked to weight gain. Hence, it’s advisable to get enough sleep and avoid hormonal fluctuations which could result in poor appetite regulation.
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