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Bid Adieu to Dandruff With These Strand Saviors

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Your scalp is flaky, your shoulders are snowy, and you constantly need to dodge black outfits. The struggle is real. While you can self-educate and give experimental remedies a shot, there are certain techniques that will help you deal with your problem.
It’s unfortunate but men have a weaker scalp barrier than women do which makes the scalp lose moisture quicker, making men more prone to dandruff. It is often dryness that irritates the scalp causing dandruff, and giving in to that desire to scratch only makes that dandruff sitch so much worse.
So, hands off that flaky scalp and take note of these saviors with their superstar ingredients that are guaranteed to help:
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The simplest way to eliminate dandruff is to cleanse your scalp regularly. This 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner thoroughly cleanses the scalp without over drying it. It helps slow down the scaling process and provides relief to your otherwise stressed scalp. Made specifically for men, it improves scalp health and makes your hair stronger. You’re convinced, aren’t you?
This unique blend of scalp-soothing ingredients packed with the goodness of activated Charcoal cleverly packaged in this sturdy bottle is sure to do wonders for your scalp. Activated Charcoal is an extremely versatile ingredient that thoroughly cleanses scalp of dirt and sebum, detoxifies the follicles, and possesses the ability to speed up the scalp’s healing process from minor infections. Say hello to the hair of your (and maybe her *wink, wink*) dreams.
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Most ingredients that cleanse the scalp also tend to dry it up, making it crucial for you to include something moisturizing to your hair care routine.  India Grooming Club’s Earth Shampoo adds the right amount of moisture to the scalp and neutralizes the harsh effects of scalp exfoliators. As a result, it improves the texture and the strength of hair and guess what, it protects your hair from the harmful effects of UV rays. Now, here’s a win-win.
Unlike most conditioners, this one is formulated for both your hair and your scalp. You heard it, the Scalppure range by Matrix is specially formulated for scalp issues such as itchiness, dandruff and greasy hair caused due to the accumulation of dirt. This conditioner pairs perfectly with anti-dandruff shampoos that are created for an oily scalp or ones that include drying ingredients like Salicylic Acid. It provides the right amount of moisture and does not leave your hair feeling greasy. Run your fingers through your hair all you want, guys.
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Dirt accumulation on the scalp, especially when you’re already battling dandruff, can be your worst enemy. Nonetheless, your saving grace is Apple Cider Vinegar. It helps in gently cleansing and eliminating the scalp of dead skin cells or any build up caused due to sweat. ACV is known to possess anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that relieve a dry, flaky scalp and result in (obviously) healthy looking hair.
How could we possibly leave out the classic solution that all our grandmothers swear by - Oil Therapy! Alpha Male’s hair oil which is a well curated mix of natural ingredients is the perfect blend of Ayurveda and modern science. It not only nourishes the scalp and controls dandruff, but it also strengthens the hair follicles, prevents hair fall, and helps tackle premature graying. Godsend? Hell, yes.
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