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BiE- A Clean, Sustainable Brand For Skin Metamorphosis

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Queenie singh

Grappling with prolonged skin concerns can impact the human psyche enormously. Who would know this better than me? Not to make a mountain out of a molehill, but my turbulent teen years are a testament to this fact. Battling a severe case of cystic acne, with no relief in plain sight, often left me despondent. And the fresh shot of teen hormones that threw me off track, unfortunately only aggravated the problem at hand.

Years later, a few episodes of acne still show up like uninvited, irksome guests, sure. But as I stand on the threshold of my thirties, other pertinent concerns like stubborn dark circles and flaky skin have eclipsed these bouts of zits that pop out of nowhere. To circumvent these issues and captain this journey with my skin into a different stage of life, I was on a quest for an all-encompassing, exhaustive range of offerings. One-stop solutions - offerings, that could be seamlessly integrated into my skincare routine without any razzle-dazzle. And in this pursuit, I entered the BiEverse and have never looked back ever since.

BiE And You

We can agree that there is a dearth of clean beauty brands in this ecosystem where more and more consumers are now seeking environmentally conscious, sustainably sourced products that bode well for the planet. BiE has adroitly bridged this rift, meeting this burgeoning demand with top-notch revolutionary skincare offerings. A visionary in the beauty space, they have created formulations that boast research traversing three generations (over 50 years) with cutting-edge technology. Curated with the intent to help consumers (like us) undergo a skin metamorphosis — BiE formulates a result-oriented skincarethat also delivers a personalized experience.

Passion And Purpose

Trailblazing this endeavour is BiE’s dream team, which is exceedingly passionate about skincare and helping people realise their ultimate beauty goals. Queenie Singh, Ex Miss India, has donned many hats in her career— a serial entrepreneur, proprietor and makeover columnist. It was her insatiable love for beauty and the role it plays in boosting an individual’s confidence that birthed this ingenious brand cited as a future beauty disruptor by analysts, beauty enthusiasts and impassioned users alike. Singh, with skin guru Dinyar Working boxingwalla (deemed the final authority on everything skin) has carefully curated a series of products that combats every skin issue across the spectrum. Potent formulations imbued with active ingredients that forgo the usage of toxic chemicals and animal testing and have embraced clean, sustainable and responsible creation methodology. Even the product packaging is of the highest degree, sustainable and clean.

“I have an ultimate passion for beauty. I believe realistic beauty goals are achieved with knowledge, discipline, and a change in routine through curated advice from experts and perfectly formulated products.”-Founder And CEO, Queenie Singh.

Should You Take The Plunge Or Not?

No empty promises of instant gratification —the eminent names associated with this up-and-coming brand understand the science of skincare and the paramount importance associated with observing patience. Offering tech-enabled concern-based routines and skin voyages, a first of its kind for a skincare brand of this repute— BiE is a portal for skin metamorphosis.

best face wash

BiE Micro Detox Face Wash With Charcoal, Lactic Acid & Tea Tree Oil

best skincare products

BiE Guardian - Pollution Shield Serum With Vitamin C & Hyaluronic Acid

Their concern-led routines include combating fine lines & wrinkles, pigmentation, under-eye circles, dryness, dullness and blemishes & clogged pores. Since I have visible pores that tend to get congested, leading to bouts of painful acne, I got hold of the 'blemishes and clogged pores kit' over a month ago. Incorporating these offerings into my everyday ritual has worked wonders for my skin! A special mention to the Micro Detox Face Wash which I am hoping to replenish soon. Infused with green tea extract, activated charcoal and lactic acid, it helps expel all the dirt and gunk, making my skin look a lot brighter whilst diminishing the appearance of the pesky pores. My unwarranted breakout episodes have reduced considerably, improving my overall temperament throughout the week! I highly recommend using this proficient cleanser with the Pollution Shield Serum (also a part of the kit) for the best results. Since my everyday commute is tedious, my skin often ends up looking beat and dull. The pollution shield serum brewed with vitamin C and hyaluronic acid gives my skin a big boost of hydration and adequate nourishment while also steering clear of menacing pollutants.

best under eye cream

BiE Eyefinity - All-In-One Under Eye Gel With Flavonoids, Gold & Silver Leaf

To deal with the stubborn dark circles that were seated under my eyes, I tried the Under-Eye Circle kit which is no short of magic. I had been hearing rave reviews about the BiE Eyefnity All-In-One Under-Eye Gel, and I can concur that the word is legitimate. Using this concoction of soya flavonoids, ginseng stem cells and gold and silver leaf, over the last couple of weeks has significantly reduced the discolouration and puffiness. A must-have for your vanity!

best skincare products - BiE Dry Kit

BiE Dryyness

anti ageing cream

BiE Vin Rouge - Hydrating & Tightening Gel with Damask Rose and Bifida Ferment Lysate

The dip in mercury is a clear indication for all of us to double down on moisturisation. The transitional weather often zaps all the moisture from my skin, making it exceedingly parched and flaky. I have been using the BiE Dryness Kit on alternate days and have seen a substantial difference in the quality of my skin. The Vin Rouge Hydrating and Tightening Gel is a revelation! Infused with red wine, damask rose and Bifida ferment lysate, the formula aims at moisture retention, skin regeneration and also boosts the naturally-found collagen in your skin. I have been thinking of starting my anti-ageing regimen for a while now but was overwhelmed with the surplus offerings available in the market. With the tightening gel, I feel like I have let go of my inhibitions and finally gotten a head start in my reverse ageing routine.

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