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Bigg Boss S8 Ladies’ Style Special

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Bigg Boss the tempestuous reality television drama is well into its eighth season. Broadcast on TV channel Colors from 21 September, 2014, the show has its share of avid watchers. Though it started on a relatively low key note and calm and peace reigned for a while, the last few weeks has seen a dramatic turn of events with emotions, actions and words soaring through the house.
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From physical attacks to verbal diarrhea the house is at the height of its TRP ratings yet again. Rare is the family that doesn’t sit enthralled in front of the telly between 9 pm to 10 pm every night. Would you call this a family show? I'm not so sure. But would you call it a full on drama packed with action and public displays of affection? Yes, yes and yes again! Though there is the occasional eyesore like Puneet Issar’s hairier than most legs and Praneet Bhatt’s haystack hair, the House also has it’s share of eye candy; gorgeous looking guys and bombshell babes. Yes we mean bomb shell literally, considering the average number of blasts that occur regularly in the House! So, we’ve decided to select (in a very nice way of course) the USPs of some of these lovely ladies and everything you need to emulate their styles.
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This in house Indi-Lady Gaga is my all time favorite. Like her or hate her,  you clearly can’t ignore her! Diandra Soares is full of power and passion. Clearly she can’t hold on to the something for too long because she gets bored and moves on to something new. She loves all things over-the-top , from pop hair color and outlandish wigs to electric nails and poppy colored lips. This Chiquita has never failed to disappoint the avant-garde fashionista, taking it to the next level with her bare all, bald-n-beautiful avatar. We can’t wait to see what her next look is going to be. She is the in-house stylist with the most unique sartorial flair ever!
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If Karishma Tanna turned into an author (God forbid!) what would she call her biography? Not Without My Makeup! That’s what!
This little drama queen is either a very complicated person or a fabulous actress. She is clearly selfish but one must concede that she’s doing her best to live up to the Diva Deal she signed up for when she entered the House. No diva no drama… Her makeup fiasco was hilarious but as a makeup artist I support her shenanigans. She knows how to twist arms to get her way, and does this without compunction. K.T., you’re every mother-in-law’s worst nightmare and if you have a father-in-law like ‘Puneet’ I’d love to be your neighbor. I’ll be sure to swing by with popcorn and a coke every evening!
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“Hi! I’m Sonali and this is how I toss my hair,” or so she could have well said! Model and actor Sonali Raut’s sudden re-entry in the Bigg Boss house after being evicted left all the inmates in shock. And since then they have been regularly shocked by her behavior. This little fire cracker is hot blooded and plays it her way. The little drama queen cares about no none but herself, believing that everyone is a means to an end. She fights hard to survive another day. For us avid followers of the tele drama, she’s full of histrionic flair and entertainment. Sonali, we don’t know or care how those close to you back home are dealing with your antics inside the House but we love how you’re keeping the inmates and viewers on full alert (even when your own eyes are closed).
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Who needs the morning alarm when you have good old Dimpy? The recent entrant to the Bigg Boss House is the estranged wife of Rahul Mahajan, a keen contender in Bigg Boss S2.  She’s smart and sassy and has joined hands with the one time bad boys of the House who are no more a gang. In a new move, guaranteed to create a flutter, the contestants were allowed to invite their celeb friends into the House and in an ironic twist Rahul Mahajan was invited by inmate Gautam Gulati. It was a shocker to see Dimpy spit into the orange juice she served her ex. Clearly the hurt is still fresh for this fiery lady.
This petite lady is a little tacky for my taste but I loved her in the new “I can pull off a Vidya Balan” avatar last weekend. She loves her makeup, the brighter the better. And so do we!
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By makeup artist Arshis Javeri (www.arshisjaveri.com)
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