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Birthday Edition — Katrina Kaif Spills The Beans On Her Morning Routine, 5 Minute Makeup Look And The Inspiration Behind Kay Beauty

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In conversation with the actress and entrepreneur who spills the beans on how she starts her mornings, 5 minute makeup routine and the inspiration behind starting Kay Beauty.

Beauty Book: Hey Katrina, happy birthday! How are you doing? And how has the past year been for you?

Katrina Kaif: Thank you so much for the wishes! I’m doing well, currently very excited because we have just launched the Gel Eye Pencil. Really looking forward to the audience responses. And yes, the past year has been an absolute dream!

Beauty Book: What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

Katrina Kaif: On a typical work day, I start my morning early. I always make sure to have 2 warm glasses of water and also dedicate some time to do some breathing exercises after which I head to the gym and I am off to work.

Beauty Book: Can you take us through your 5-minute makeup look?

Katrina Kaif: To keep it quick I have to keep it simple. I love a good contour, some lip balm and some colours on the eyes. Currently I am loving our new Gel Eye Pencil, in the shade blue. I draw it as a liner and smudge it out a bit.

Beauty Book: What was the inspiration behind Kay Beauty?

Katrina Kaif: I have always been - not only interested but also really comfortable playing around with makeup. Being a part of the industry for so many years, kind of does that to you. I always loved to do my makeup on my own and throughout this journey, we’ve only launched products that resonate with me.

Beauty Book: We are super excited about the launch of Kay Beauty’s Gel Eye Pencil! What’s the most distinct feature of this product that you love?

Katrina Kaif: What makes this launch so special is that these really simplify bold, high impact eye looks into a quick buttery glide. It merges the precision of a pencil with the finish of a liner so it's very beginner friendly. Overall, the intention was to give our followers freedom to experiment where very little skill required.

Beauty Book: What are you doing on your birthday?

Katrina Kaif: I'm actually taking a vacation to spend time with my friends and family.

Beauty Book: We’d love to know what your birthday beauty look is going to be this year?

Katrina Kaif: As the whole Kay Beauty family knows, I love a good contour - so I'll probably go with a simple sculpted look and a nude lip.

Beauty Book: Which beauty products would you take with you in your handbag for quick touch-ups?

Katrina Kaif: Hmm, my on-the-go essentials will definitely include a matte compact, a hydrating lip balm, and our creme blush because it can be easily blended with just by using the fingers. I also carry the Ultra Black Volume & Length Mascara , and I currently added our new Gel Eye Pencil to the list —it’s so easy to apply and saves a lot of time as well.

Beauty Book: What are the 3 products you’d save from fire?

Katrina Kaif: Oh, it's gotta be our Matte drama lipstick in the shade Snapshot, our foundation that is super hydrating and our rose gold Gel Eye Pencil.

Beauty Book: You have a huge fan following across the nation (including all of us back here at the Nykaa office). What can we look forward to for Kay this year?

Katrina Kaif: We have received immense love and positive feedback which has been heart-warming, to say the least. Even with our growth into general trade beauty stores, the support has been incredible. Obviously I can't spill all the beans, but we have so many innovative new things in the pipeline!

Beauty Book: Would you like to convey anything to all your fans across the nation that are currently reading this?

Katrina Kaif: I would like to express my gratitude for the continued support both Kay Beauty and I have received. It means the world to me that something I have created along with Nykaa and some very special people is being so widely appreciated. I hope you enjoy the Gel Eye Pencil as much as we enjoyed creating them for you. And lastly, I just hope you have fun with them, give yourself a break and let loose with your makeup inhibitions.

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