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Black Friday Sale: Everything About The Biggest Shopping Event Of 2019| Nykaa’s Beauty Book

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Black Friday is nearly upon us and world-over retailers are gearing up for their big Black Friday sales. What started out as a phenomenon in the west has slowly spread towards India and eagle-eyed shoppers are waiting for their favorite websites and stores to go on sale. But wait a minute, what is Black Friday? Why is it called Black Friday? Why is it considered such a big shopping extravaganza? And most importantly, the question everyone wants answered – when is the Black Friday sale this year?
Hold your horses, folks. We’ve got the answers to all your questions right here.

So, what and when is Black Friday?

With its origin in the USA, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving which is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. Since both Thanksgiving and the day after it are holidays, people can start off with their Christmas shopping. In lieu of that, retailers unveil hugely slashed rates and deals for those 24 hours.
We’ll get to what’s happening this year soon but first, a little Black Friday history…
Used as early as 1966, Black Friday marked the first official day of shopping for the Christmas season and so many people went out to shop that it caused uncontrollable traffic, terrible accidents and sometimes even acts of violence. It was the Philadelphia Police Department that coined the term to describe the ruckus caused due to pedestrian and vehicular traffic.   

Then why is Black Friday celebrated, you ask?

Other than with the violence and accidents noticed on the day after Thanksgiving due to the shopping frenzy, black has always been associated with market crashes in the past. What was the most profitable day of the year for retailers therefore had an immensely negative connotation with the term Black Friday. And, understandably, the retailers were not pleased. They had to have a say and boy, they did. 
The birth of Black Friday as we know it…
Having made enough revenue for the year, retailers could heavily reduce their prices throwing only their most attractive and best deals at their customers. What started as a one-day shopping spree exploded into a week-long bonanza and with several Black Friday offers in the market, Black Friday shopping was officially a thing. With the evolution of the internet and the spread of western culture globally, this United States-based festival transformed into ginormous Black Friday sales online all over the world.
Black Friday Sale: Everything About The Biggest Shopping Event Of 2019| Nykaas Beauty Book - 2

Which brings us to the Black Friday Sale 2018.

This year, Thanksgiving falls on the 22nd of November, which means that the Black Friday Sale 2018 is (drumroll please) on the 23rd of November. Closer to home, Nykaa.com is having its very own Black Friday Sale with some of the best deals its ever had. But there’s a twist. We’ve given the Black Friday Sale our very own brand identity and repackaged it to make it our own. It’s Nykaa’s Pink Friday Sale, India’s Biggest Beauty Event! With all the best Black Friday deals we could garner our whole site is undergoing a makeover to bring together the slashed prices of Black Friday with the color we associate with our brand i.e. PINK!
Nykaa’s Pink Friday Sale at up to 40% off starts on the 23rd and goes on till the 26th of November with 100,000 products across 500+ brands are on sale. From makeup and skincare to appliances and fragrances, we’ve got offers that are beyond compare. Some of the most loved and popular brands like Maybelline New York, Lakmé, Nykaa Cosmetics, L’Oreal Paris, Colorbar, Wet n Wild, Innisfree, Biotique, M.A.C. and so many more have unbelievable discounts. And for the first time ever, we’ve got several special Black Friday deals on some amazing luxury brands too. We’re giving away free products on purchases of brands like Huda Beauty, Smashbox, Bobbi Brown, Clinique, Forest Essentials, Kama Ayurveda and the list goes on.
Black Friday Sale: Everything About The Biggest Shopping Event Of 2019| Nykaas Beauty Book - 3

Here are some Black Friday deals you do not want to miss during Nykaa’s Pink Friday Sale.

  • Makeup is up to 40% off with super offers on lipsticks, eye makeup, nail paints and makeup kits. So, stock up on your makeup stash.
  • We know just how important skincare is so we’re giving you up to 30% off on facewashes, moisturizers, sunscreens, masks and peels, and skin brightening products from a plethora of brands.
  • No, we’re not leaving hair care out. There’s up to 35% off on hair oils and serums, shampoos, conditioners, hair color, and hair styling and accessories. You’re going to be rocking that hair flip, girl.
  • Going SLS-free & Paraben-free have always been on your to-do list? With up to 30% off on all your natural products, you’re going to finally tick that off once and for all.
  • And then we’ve got up to 40% off on shaving and styling appliances, deodorants, perfumes and other fragrances too.
  • Of course, we’ve got something for the men. Up to 30% off on skincare, hair care, beard care and all kinds of grooming appliances just for him.
Trust us, you don’t want to be left out.
If you think the 23rd of November is too far away, we’ve got good news. The Black Friday fun starts sooner on Nykaa.
We’ve curated some super combos with the 10 top-selling products from our best brands. You can check out these combos, vote for the ones you love, share it on social media, and the combos with the most votes will be at 50% off when the sale starts. Sounds fun, right?
Get the latest updates, find out more about our deals and offers, and make sure you’re all set to get shopping. Download the Nykaa app through the Play Store or the App Store and partake in all the fun!
The countdown to India’s Biggest Beauty Sale begins…
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