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Blue Hair Color Ideas For A Quick Dash Of Drama

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Blue Hair Color Ideas

The best way to keep away the blues, you ask? Give your hair the blues. On that note, before you take the plunge, know that blue hair with its punk rock roots is not for the indecisive and faint-hearted. Although there’s a version of blue for everyone. If you’re the kind who doesn’t do subtle, find your perfect blue hair color match here. No disappointing swipes here, we promise.


Blue Hair Color Shades

Electric Blue Hair Color

1. Electric blue hair color

This intense blue color, that sits on the brighter side of cyan, is capable of exuding major energy vibes. If you’ve got warm skin tone with yellow undertones, embrace this lightning hair color. Be a thunderstorm, maybe? Disclaimer: This is such a color statement on its own, that you might have to tone down your regular makeup routine. So, it’s a great change if you need a break from the morning beauty drill because your mane is already doing great on its own.

Woo your hair with this blue hair dye: Beaver Professional Color Rock Hair Color

2. Sky blue hair color

Let your mane reflect the mesmerizing depth of the sky by blessing it with this light blue color. If you’re considering a blue ombre hair, the stark contrast from dark roots to sky blue will give your hair visibly softer ends. We’re talking hair that can make you instantly happier.

Sky Blue Hair Color
Bubblegum Blue Hair Color

3. Bubblegum blue hair color

Do you ever notice an extremely attractive person down the street and can’t resist but turn for a second look? Well expect a lot of this happening around you, as you take bold to the next level with bubblegum blue hair color. Peachy complexions will see their skin pop with this hue. Think of it as a fun change from the otherwise typical hair color shades.

4. Peacock blue hair color

We're always down for a hyper-pigmented moment. At first look, the peacock blue might appear black, but watch your locks play peekaboo as the color reflect off light at the correct places. Think of the peacock hair color as iridescent blue with sultry green undertones. If you’re not ready to entirely commit to a blue hair color shade but can’t help but get on board with the trend, this hue is perfect for the non-committal badass in you.

Peacock blue hair color
moonlight blue hair color

5. Midnight blue hair color

We’re officially in love. The midnight blue hair color can draw the beauty of moon-lit night sky into your locks. This blue hair color shade is your best bet if you’ve naturally dark hair and a warm skin tone. Saturate your hair with lighter streaks of midnight blue that give your hair added dimension while still keeping things subtle. Bonus points for being corporate-friendly.

6. Royal blue hair color

Don’t you admit it’s true when they say go big or go home? The royal blue hair color is a cool way to show you belong to the side that agrees. Especially if you’ve got beautiful dusky skin, this shade can work wonders on your complexion. Who’s our mane muse for this one, you ask? Katy Perry when she sported her famous royal blue bob. When executed well, the rich hints of blue can even make your eye color pop.

Woo your hair with this blue hair dye: Streax Professional Hold & Play Funky Colour - Wonder Blue

royal blue hair color
ash blue hair color

7. Ash blue hair color

We're obsessed with this pick of blue hair color shade that fades into smokey blue tips. When you think of ash blue hair color, think shades of blue and green with minute red tinges to create smokey and silvery hues. Book an appointment before your BFF beats you to it and the trend catches up with the gang. After all, don’t we get brownie points for being a trend setter rather than a follower?

8. Teal blue hair color

Royal blue and sky blue have had their share of hair moments, but what about their lovechild, the teal blue? It walks the fine line between light and bright. Now if you’ve got a complexion leaning on the fairer scale, you should embrace this blue hair color which will complement skin effortlessly without making it seem washed out. We’re talking fresher and edgier than your standard blue.

Teal blue hair color


1. Does blue hair fade to grey? How fast does it fade?

Depending on the base hair color, blue hair shade may fade to grey or green. Since blue hair highlights don’t last long, you may have to go for regular touch ups to maintain the color.

2. Is it recommended to bleach blue dyed hair?

The most effective way to strip your hair off the blue color is to simply bleach it. It is an easy method to get rid of any color residue. But it isn’t advisable as it can damage and weaken your hair in the process.

3. How long can blue hair highlights last?

Although blue hair highlights may look great, be prepared to watch them fade away after 7-8 washes. If you want the color to stay longer, it is advised to reduce the frequency of hair washes.

4. What is a great subtle option in blue shades for black hair?

If you’re thinking black hair with blue highlights, the midnight blue hair color is an ideal pick.

5. Suggest a blue hair color highlight on naturally brown hair.

If you’re thinking brown hair with blue highlights, consider peekaboo teal highlights for an exotic look.

6. What is the turquoise blue hair color?

Inspired by the turquoise gem, this light blue hair color is a soothing blend of blue and green with a small dose of yellow. This blue green hair color can easily suit skin tones on the fairer side.

7. What shades are available in Crazy Color blue?

The following are the blue hair dye colors offered by Crazy Color:

Crazy Color Semi Permanent Hair Color Cream - Sapphire No. 72

Crazy Color Semi Permanent Hair Color Cream - Bubblegum Blue No. 63

Crazy Color Semi Permanent Hair Color Cream - Sky Blue No. 59

Crazy Color Semi Permanent Hair Color Cream - Capri Blue No. 44

Crazy Color Semi Permanent Hair Color Cream - Peacock Blue No. 45

Crazy Color Semi Permanent Hair Color Cream - Blue Jade No. 67

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