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Blush It Up With Nykaa’s Get Cheeky Blush Duos

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Blush It Up With Nykaas Get Cheeky Blush Duos - 1
The days when the blush came last on our priority list are now in the past; today’s makeup enthusiast gotta ace the cheek game every single day. However, the sad part is that most uninformed women still think that applying a blush equals to pink, overdone cheeks. Amirite or amirite?
Flushed, color-popped cheeks have become ‘THE’ thing in beauty circuits and we’re ‘blushing’ hard. More so ’cause Nykaa just jumped onto the cheeky bandwagon with its newest offering, the Cheeky Blush Duos. Here’s why it’ll be in your wish list even before you know it.
  • Enriched with radiance boosting particles that leave you with the right amount of flush
  • A lightweight, blendable formula that imparts a silky, luminous sheen
  •  Perfect adhesion so you needn’t dress up your cheeks five times a day
  • Talking about a duo as gorgeous and affordable as this, we think the fairy godmother just blessed the ever-so-broke you
…. though we’ve still kept the best under wraps! So basically, we at Nykaa took up the meticulous task of handpicking ‘THE’ two perf blush shades for every Indian skin tone. Can’t wait to show what we’ve customized for you.
Blush It Up With Nykaas Get Cheeky Blush Duos - 2
Fairly Correct
Attention, all fair-skinned beauties! Rejoice ’cause Malibu Barbie is going put an end to all your blush woes. Leave behind those self-doubts about which-pink-is-too-pink and embrace this on-point duo, consisting of just the right shades of Peach and Coral. Swipe one or mix both in a subtle combination, this ain’t gonna disappoint.
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Blush It Up With Nykaas Get Cheeky Blush Duos - 4
Wheatish And Wow
Women with that gorgeous wheatish complexion have been side-lined for years and years. And nothing gives us more joy than presenting the Cali Chick, a duo especially designed for that warm, wheatish flush. Two stunning hues from the Pink and Plum families come together to highlight them chiselled cheekbones. Ah, we’re swooning.
Blush It Up With Nykaas Get Cheeky Blush Duos - 5
Blush It Up With Nykaas Get Cheeky Blush Duos - 6
The Diva Be Dusky
To begin with, the world’s obsession with fair skin is, to be precise, over. Clearly one of the most exquisite skin tones, women belonging to the dusky color fam don’t need much makeup to get an A+ in glamour. But a little help from the Brazilian Bombshell never hurt. A sultry combination of Rose and Raisin is all you need for that alluring, super exotic finish.
Blush It Up With Nykaas Get Cheeky Blush Duos - 7
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