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Blushes for every skin tone

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On a dull, dreary day, just one swipe of blush instantly transforms the face and adds a bit of glamour and fun to the whole look. And there are plenty of options to choose from for every skin tone and personality, not to mention texture and price points. From powders to creams to tints, there is much you can experiment with this season. Here's a look at the best choice for every skin tone.
Deep skin tones: Reds, maroons, and burgundys
The fact few colours stands out on deep skin makes it tricky, but understand that it gives us license to go with deeper and darker, with more pigmented hues. Try a pink or a peach and there are chances you will look flaky and ashy. To look natural, pick from bolder tones - plum, burgundy, and maroon, even red. Opt for creamy blushes than powdery ones because the latter, once again, makes one look ashy, while the creamy texture gives it an almost dewy feel. Avoid shimmer and pick up a matte texture that adds more depth to your look.
Dark skin tone: Terracottas and mauves
Darker skin has the same issues as deep skin tones but one can go for lighter shades that showcase the yellow and warmer undertones. Oranges and brick-hued shades are best suited for this because they give the cheeks that much needed pop without being over-the-top. A warm glow is what we should be aiming for. Shimmer could also work wonders but use it sparingly.
Olive skin tone: Deep rose shades and plush oranges
Olive skin tone are perfect for trying out offbeat shades that are both creamy and matte. They fall right in between medium and fair skin tones so there’s a bit of fun to be had and one needs to go for rose pinks, light oranges, and fun bronze shades - anything that adds more depth and contours the face beautifully.
Medium skin tone: Peaches and pinks
The good thing about a medium skin tone is that the lighter but more pigmented shades show up beautifully. The texture can be matte or powder, but it shows the flush well and adds that just-got-out-of-the-sun look. Opt for lighter peaches, rosy pinks, dusty mauves to deepen the effect and to add a glow. Anything on a stick works here to create that radiance.
Fair skin tone: Light pinks and warmer peaches
Blushes for this tone come with a clear mandate: Shimmer and shine alongside a bit of pink. The cooler undertones give out a pale look so one needs to balance it out with a neat rosy hue to make it look natural and effortless. Peaches also make a statement here if you use them moderately. You could also try a warmer fig or mauve but clearly, pink works best here.
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