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Bob Hairstyles for Every Hair Texture

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So the party season is on full swing; and as you rummage through your closet to prep for the winter party season, how about you finally up your mane game before this year slides by as well? Afterall, no outfit can trump the irreplaceable change in style quotient that a dramatic haircut can offer. Also, we feel this is the best time to shed that excess baggage (think emotional too) and sign up for a lighter, breezier head of hair! Enter bob cut that has got our heart. A free entry to the #SweatyNapeNoMore bandwagon is just an added benefit while you are at it.

Seeking some Hairspiration? At a time when short hair was considered rebellious, fashion-forward ballroom dancer, Irene Castle, got the first bob cut, breaking some serious stereotypes. Now is officially the time to bite the bullet if you’ve been flirting with the idea of a choppy bob.

We have rounded up some classic bob haircuts to help you zero in on the perfect one for you so you can safely rule out all possibilities of post-chop regret.

Ready for a bold move?


  • For Straight Hair
  • Straight Bob Cut

    1. Straight Bangs Bob

    Indulge in those red-carpet celebrity dreams with this edgy haircut. Go all in with full front bangs curved at the base and highlight those sharp cheekbones. Blessed with a longer forehead? The bangs in this style help balance the face length. We can’t get over how this arresting style has served up serious hair goals. If this one doesn’t awaken the Hollywood diva in you, we don’t know what will.

    P.S.: Spruce up this jaw-skimming style with strokes of pink and blue hues for a jaw-breaking look.

    Ace the Look: Swap your regular brush with Bronson Professional Simply Straight / Straight Artifact Ceramic Hair Straightening Brush to discipline the bangs on bad hair days.

    Verdict: Compliments may be in order.

    2. Blunt Bob

    Feeling way too bold? This fierce haircut is exactly what you need to take over the room. The blunt bob haircut with its sophisticated yet sultry style offers the perfect compromise between edginess and sophistication. Women belonging to the family of heart-shaped faces, embrace this bob haircut open heartedly to accentuate the jawline and cheekbones. Be a sleek haired bombshell with slicked back hair.

    Bonus: Don’t bother contouring your jawline. This haircut will do it for you.

    Ace the Look: Don’t let flyaways rob the allure of this style. We’re rooting for the Agaro Instastraight Nano HS-6511 Hair Straightener to maintain the sleek factor of your tresses.

    Verdict: This sharp cut converges confidence and comfort like no other.

    Blunt Bob Haircut
    Inverted Bob Haircut

    3. Inverted Bob

    The inverted bob means serious business. It features a long front transcending to a short back with exposed nape. Short face problems? The inverted bob draws eyes downwards to the shoulder, making the face appear longer. Blessed with thick hair? Take the plunge already, it’s all yours. You can take the edge off this severe cut with subtle ombrè highlights for a more flattering look.

    P.S. A regular trim appointment is important to maintain this high-upkeep style classy sans the outgrown hair and split ends.

    Ace the Look: Don’t forget to seal the deal with Streax Professional Vitariche Gloss Hair Serum for a frizz-fee and glossy look.

    Verdict: Says ‘serious’ like no other!


  • For Wavy Hair
  • 1. Asymmetrical Bob

    Wispy side bangs mingle with the playful waves for a laidback and unstructured look to strike the right balance of intimidating and approachable for the girl next door. Extreme edges and ragged layers define this haircut. The asymmetrical bob goes a long way in softening faces with geometric edges. For a natural look, dump the heat styling tools and let your moody waves boss around.

    P.S. Play around with bangs and blow-dry them in the opposite direction to add an element of contrast.

    Ace the Look: Statement hair clips can keep your bangs off face during the 9 to 5 routine while also adding some pizzazz to the everyday look. We would vouch for the Elite Models (France) Designer Hair Jewellery Clips.

    Verdict: Take the edgy vibe to a whole other level with the asymmetrical bob.

    Asymmetrical Bob Haircut
    Long Layered Bob Haircut

    2. Side Fringe Lob

    Contemplating a bob cut but still not ready to go all the way in? Combine a long layered bob with side bangs for a relaxing yet chic appeal. Moreover, the flirty side swept bangs add width to face, which make it a flattering accent for long faces. You could train the side bangs over time by using a bobby pin to help them maintain their swoop. Good luck finding someone disapproving of this lob haircut as you would be hard-pressed to find one.

    P.S. To own the look, capture a selfie and check for the side that favors the deep side partition better in this long bob hairstyle.

    Ace the Look: The best way to get started styling this look is to use the Tresemme Compressed Micro Mist Invisible Hold Natural Finish Texture Hold Level 1 Hair Spray.

    Verdict: Sultry peek-a-boo neck beyond the veil of long frisky bangs. This one’s got it all!

    3. Graduated Bob

    Nail the girl-next-door-charm with a graduated bob cut that brings out the waves in your tresses. This haircut lets your waves do all the talking, exuding a dreamy aura. Thin hair? The stacked layers give your hair a volume boost. Square faced women with broader jaw can go for this haircut to take away unnecessary attention from the jawline. Side braiding your hair is a great way to switch up how you wear this wavy bob. And did we tell you are spared of any heavy duty styling in this one?

    P.S. Go for streaks of caramel highlights for a romantic flair. The caramel hues on the swoon-worthy waves would make for an effortlessly feminine yet surefire style.

    Ace the Look: Primp it with a pretty hairband. We are obsessed with the Toniq Black Hair Band.

    Verdict: This face-framing bob guarantees major style points.

    Wavy Bob- Graduated Bob Haircut

  • For Curly Hair
  • Shaggy Bob Haircut & Hairstyle

    1. Shaggy Bob

    Embrace your curls wholeheartedly with this jaw-skimmer that demands no neat styling. Inclined to the easier end of the styling spectrum, shaggy hair looks best when it’s less controlled and more easy. Unlike other styles, this one doesn’t make it look like you tried too hard in the morning. A shaggy bob adds dimension to chubby cheeks, making your face appear slimmer.

    P.S. A game-changing move would be adding highlights to give more depth and character to the shaggy bob hairstyle.

    Ace the Look: Scrunch your curls with one pump of Wella Professionals EIMI Boost Bounce Curl Enhancing Mousse and rock those badass curls with oomph.

    Verdict: Low on effort; High on impact.

    2. Tousled Layer Bob

    For all the non-committal women out there, get away with the ‘I-just-woke-up-from-bed’ excuse yet look gorg with this shoulder-flirting hairstyle. The tousled layer bob is created with shattered layers to infuse loads of movement and volume. Switch up sides of your hair part for a voluminous look. Let your natural curls do all the talking while you let your straightener know, you are on a break.

    P.S. Use your fingers to switch partitions and add some bounce. Tease out the sides of the hair for a messy look.

    Ace the Look: Wish you could replicate the gorgeous messy waves on your hair that magically appear after a swim in the sea? A few spritzes GX Moroccan Sea Salt Spray, infused with sea salt will do the trick to tousle hair and relax your curls.

    Verdict: Trust us when we tell you this curly bob owns a dreamy flair.

    Curly Bob- Tousled Layer Bob
    Pixie Bob Haircut

    3. Pixie Bob

    Talk about Volume! Fine-hair girls, we get the envy. Short on the back and the sides while a bit longer on the top, embrace this pixie bob haircut if you are a tomboy at heart. This refreshing cut is a blessing for sweltering times and exudes modern hipster vibes. Moreover, you don’t have to shamelessly gawk at women with defined cheekbones when you can simply create an illusion of one with this haircut.

    Bonus: Skip brushing your hair and no one will know! Did we just sense a lazy grin?

    Ace the Look: Use the Bronson Professional Roller Curlers Clips For Women before hitting the bed and wake up to amazing curls.

    Verdict: You are the boss!

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