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Want a body like Cristiano Ronaldo?

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Get ready to combine gruelling workouts with expertly planned meals
There’s hardly a woman to be found who hasn’t had erotic thoughts about this poster boy for football. Look beyond the impossible good looks and you’ll discover that Cristiano Ronaldo’s is a story that combines a passion for fitness and a demanding worth ethic. One of the world’s finest soccer plays who currently plays for Real Madrid, Ronaldo is now representing Portugal at the FIFA World Cup in Brazil. Needless to say, awards have followed him like hysterical female fans: In 2008 he won the FWA and PFA trophies for ‘World Soccer Player of the Year’,FIFA World Player of the Year’ and ‘FIFPro Player of the Year’. But all those accolades wouldn’t have been possible without years of relentless training in and out of the gym and a strict diet to give him the lightning speed, reflexes and technique that’s quintessentially Ronaldo.
Get abs like Ronaldo
His swoon worthy six pack is thanks to the 1000 plus ab sit ups he does daily. To improve his core strength he does exercises such as planks and renegade rows. His trainer believes these produce better results than regular crunches. In 2009, the Daily Star released a report about Ronaldo doing 3000 daily sit ups on an average day. Whew…it’s enough to make you break into a sweat! He works out for three to four hours each day, five times a week; mixing it up with different cardio routines including sprinting and technical drills, along with gym resistance sessions. A minimum eight hours of sleep every night ensures he’s well rested and ready to start over the next day and of course, give an enthralling performance on the pitch.
On Monday and Wednesday (Tuesday and Saturday are rest days) Ronaldo does Repeat Circuit exercises that include Barbell squats, Box Jumps, Broad Jumps, Jumping Lunges, Lateral Bounds, Bench Dips, Burpee Pull-ups, Medicine Ball Toss and Push Press. Thursday’s are for quads and cardio, with Sprinting and Power Cleans; Friday is reserved for Stability and Core exercises. This includes One-Arm Deadlifts, Dumbbell one-legged Deadlifts, Knee Tuck Jumps, Overhead Slams and One-legged Barbell Squats. Sundays are for Cardio which includes Rope Jumping and Resistance Sprinting. Whenever he gets a chance he enjoys going for a swim. This by no stretch is the recommended exercise regime for you unless you’re a professional body builder or athlete. For the average guy next door, doing a condensed version of this regime should be more than enough to get a ripped bod.
The key here is to get rid of excess fat on the abdomen, a common problem with most men. To get a six pack like Ronaldo you have to work at lowering your body fat. There’s no point doing thousands of ab crunches if you have a paunch because it will stay safely hidden under all that lard. Planks and Renegade Rows are the best workouts to enhance core strength and decrease abdominal fat.
Eat like Ronaldo
As you probably guessed already, his diet is predominantly a lean protein-based meal plan to keep his body fat down to less than 10 per cent. It includes a lot of lean meat for high protein to assist in muscle repair. He also takes several supplements such as multivitamins, joint supplements and protein shakes to help muscle and joint recovery after strenuous workouts and matches. Ronaldo eats six small meals every day at intervals of three to four hours to maintain and regulate his metabolism. He stays off sugary high calorie foods, and instead fills up on loads of vegetables and fruits, both essential for quick energy and recovery.
Ronaldo's food plan for the day goes something like this:
Breakfast: Carbohydrates and proteins like eggs, milk or cereals. He has cheese, toast, fish, protein shake and a glass of milk and fruit juice.
Lunch: Ronaldo eats a carbohydrate and protein rich lunch to get adequate energy, proteins, minerals and vitamins. On an average day he eats cheese, brown rice, whole wheat toast and green vegetables tossed in olive oil.
Dinner: A protein, fiber and carb rich dinner completes his day. He eats white rice with pulses, chicken breast, fish, lean cuts of beef and pork, whey protein powder, fat free milk, vegetables and dry fruit.
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