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BODY FIRST : Bath Essentials To Add To Your Routine This Year

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best bath and body works products

There’s nothing better than slipping into your snugs and crawling under the covers after a long day at work. Or even better, sink into a tub of super keyed-up bubbles (with a glass of red wine, of course) to push your mental reset button.

So, we’ve taken matters into our own hands to make that happen for you. Here’s a lowdown on everything you need to for that instant detox you’ve been side tracking. From plush dead sea minerals served in a tub to bathing bars that smell better than your favorite dessert, we’re over the moon for these formulas hyper tailored to coddle, love and protect every last inch of our skin.

Here’s the list of the best bath products in the business.

best bath products - scrub

1. Down Under

You've probably seen this scrub/soap splashed all over the internet and let us tell you, it’s totally worth the hype. Power packed with rich walnuts and a veritable explosion of delicate grains of Apricot Seed Powder, the Vaadi Herbals Face & Body Scrub With Walnut & Apricot are dream tubes. The buffing beads do one hell of a job working off all that dead skin. Tbh, this polish is so good it mentally transports bathers to the deep mystical waters, leaving you wanting more.  

2. Meet Me At The Bar

We think ordinary bathing bars are passé, especially when the market is overflowing with cut throat contemporaries. So, we’re pretty chuffed that the Nykaa Soap Story Brown Sugar & Almond Oil Handcrafted Bathing Bar is selling like hot cakes, and for good reason. Laced with creamy nut butters born from a rich concoction of Brown Sugar and Almond extracts, this palm-sized bar packs a sensorial punch. Oh, and we'd be remiss not to mention the sublime packaging. Super like!

best bath products – bathing bar
best bath products – intimate wash

3. The Little Lady

All right. Let’s talk about the Vajayjay. There’s a reason why the V Wash Plus Expert Intimate HYGIENE Ph3.5 is clearing the shelves in literally every local department store. Girls flocking in and out to get their bottle. To break it down, this formula is infused with Lactic Acid, Tea Tree Oil & Sea Buckthorn oil to help maintain the pH balance of your intimate area to prevent itchiness, irritation or stubborn dryness. Zero side effects. Keep it clean down there is just as important.

4.Found My Sole Mate, Okay

We love to keep that post-pedicure feeling going for as long as possible. We lean to the MCaffeine Naked & Raw Dead Skin Removal Coffee Foot Scrub. The trick is to use it every day rather than waiting until your heels look rough. That way you stay ahead of the game. The peppermint notes add a pleasant freshness to your feet, shooing away that the pesky dead cells. To top this up, smear on the Iraya Foot Softening Butter to keep your feet supple all day.

best bath products – foot scrub
bath essentials – body butter

5. I Like Me Butter When I’m With You

Wrap your skin below the chin with some serious TLC with the Alma K Dead Sea Minerals Hydrate Nutritive Body Butter. With a moisture-retaining blend of rich Shea Butter and soothing Sesame Oil, this queen sinks in quickly, without leaving a sticky residue. If you're someone who fancies a thicker cream or lotion, but without the cloying feeling, this sweet-smelling body miracle is what you’ve been looking for. Oh, and zero white streaks btw.  

6. I Feel, So Overprotected

By now we know that sunscreen all day, every day is non-negotiable. Your body needs it as much as your face. We bank on the Kiehl's Ultra Light Daily UV Defense Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50 PA+++ for that super broad-spectrum protection, minus the chemical actives. The light-diffusing Iron Oxides present in this formula shields your body against the toasty UV rays. It's completely sheer and devoid of any noticeable scent, so we’re pretty sure the sunscreen haters will have a hard time finding anything to complain about.

bath essentials – sunscreen cream
bath essentials – hand cream

7. Pretty Hands Equals Everything

There are two things we can't deny our hands this season. Rose Gold glitter tips (because it’s rad, of course) and a deep moisturizing hand cream. Get your hands on the  Plum Wild Cherries & Kiwi Hand Cream. Enriched with the goodness of rich Cherries and Plums, this lightweight hand cream works to rid your digits of dry spots and soothe snaggle skin. We rely on our hands for just about everything we do. Every text, double tap, and the crucially important right swipes. So, it’s gotta look pretty right?

8. Sea-Kissed Skin, Yes Please

Our obsession for the Macadamia Nuts is quite high. So, we couldn’t help but tell you a little bit about this wonder product that marries perfectly with your post-bath routine. We’re talking about the PureSense Macadamia Soothing Body Mist. This hydrating mist slash dry oil envelopes your skin sheet with a gush of moisture leaving your body smelling simply divine. You see why we’re obsessed?

bath essentials – body mist

So, this year (and forever) join us as we dedicate ourselves to giving our bodies all the love and attention it deserves.

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