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Body Razors: Myths, Facts, And Everything In Between

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Gone are the days when women had to make quick salon runs every month (or before any special events, or even a trip). No more having second thoughts before you decide on wearing skirts, shorts, or that hot LBD you’ve just been dying to wear. Now, we just reach for our trusty razors to get the job done.

Waxing, epilating, threading, shaving, tweezing; amongst all these options, shaving is honestly the ultimate winner (if you ask me) because it is painless, cost-effective and the easiest way to remove body hair. The oddly satisfying feeling of a smooth, fresh shave is definitely something I’ve gotten used to. However, as convenient as it may be, it comes with its fair share of myths that makes most think, ‘to shave or not to shave?’. To put all the burning questions and myths around shaving to rest, I did a little digging and jotted down some of the most common misconceptions around using body razors (you can thank me later).

The Most Popular Myths On Body Shaving

  1. Myth: Your hair grows back thicker and faster
  2. Fact:Using body razors does not affect one’s hair growth. It totally depends on your hormones and genes.

  3. Myth: ‘New razors can give you cuts’
  4. Fact: On the contrary, an old razor is more prone to cutting and scraping skin than a new one, and can also result in uneven shaving.

  5. Myth: ‘Say no to razor for the bikini area’
  6. Fact: It depends on your skin’s sensitivity. If you can get a clean shave with a razor, then go for it.

  7. Myth: ‘Press hard on the razor to get best results’
  8. Fact: The pressure has nothing to do with the result. As long as the razor is sharp, a smooth glide with gentle pressure will work.

While a clean shave sounds easy to achieve (even though some of us have been shaving for a while now), finding the right body razor can be a daunting task! The perfect one should ideally glide smoothly over your skin and around every curve without giving you a razor burn. With that in mind, we’ve curated a list of the best body razors in beauty.

Gillette Venus Comfortglide Hair Removal Razor For Women With Avocado Oil and Freesia Scent

Equipped with soap gel bars that create a lather eliminates the need of applying shaving cream, foam or soap. The avocado oil and body butter will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. The freesia scent leaves behind a flowery smell on your skin making you feel fresh. This razor offers a comfortable glide and smooth skin instantly.

Bombae Rollplay Glow Body Razor

Bombae Rollplay Glow Body Razor

Meet India’s only razor boasting a roller with an activated serum formula and a unique, curve-friendly design to reach the trickiest spots. The patented roller technology promises 2x smoother glides – especially on sensitive areas – owing to skin-loving ingredients, including aloe vera, jojoba oil, and vitamin E. Besides the 360° moisture band, the 5-blade allows for a close shave, lending up to two weeks of smoothness! Conscious consumers take note: the durable and anti-slip handle is formulated with recycled sea plastic. From underarms to the delicate bikini area, 0% pain and 100% smoothness.

Sirona 5 Blade Mini Travel Cartridge Hair Removal Razor For Women

This razor helps remove the shortest of hair with ease! It comes with a pivoting head to safely remove hair from every contour, and its aloe vera and vitamin E infused lubrication strip ensures moisturisation as you shave. The razor is designed with a rubber grip handle for a comfortable and easy grip.

Sanfe Bikini Line Trimming Razor

Made with premium stainless steel, the sharp blades trims coarse hair without any cuts, and comes with a plastic strip for no skin contact. Unlike other razors, it doesn’t remove hair completely, making you feel clean and natural at the same time. It is precise, comfortable to hold, and comes with a safety cover for easy storage.

LetsShave Evior 6 Body Hair Removal Razor For Women

The world’s first 6 blade technology razor, specially made for women. The moisturising bars infused with aloe vera, vitamin E, argan oil and avocado oil, gives your skin instant hydration and prevents irritation. The brush fingers around the 6 blades massages your skin, lifting the hair to give you a closer shave. And, the non-slip handle provides the perfect grip for a safe shaving experience.

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