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Body Talk: Here’s Everything You Need In Your Period Kit

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Raise your hand if your love-hate relationship with periods isn’t going as planned. One month the stubborn, unannounced cramps will cramp your style and in another month, breakouts start acting up like never before. How do we plan and organise something that is so unpredictable? What we truly need is a power period kit that holds everything that you can possibly need to ease this painful (literally and metaphorically) time of the month. Below you will find a period kit that caters to all of your woes.

1. Pee Safe Feminine Cramp Relief Roll On for Period Pain

Let’s start with one of the most needed products in this kit to cater to the most demanding period problem: cramps. Menstrual cramps can cause extreme discomfort and also add to mood swings. Created to target period cramps, this 100% herbal, stain-free roller can be a lifesaver. Just use the roller on areas that are likely to experience pain, like your lower back, abdomen and thighs, and let the formula featuring eucalyptus and satva pudina oils work its magic.

2. Be Bodywise Period Pain Relief Patch

Stick-on patches are another great option for pain relief, with none of the hassle of heat pads and side effects of painkillers. They work for around 12 hours, are discreet under your clothes, and stay on without any hassle. And the best part: they’re created with natural ingredients like eucalyptus, menthol and evening primrose.

3. Power Gummies For That Time Of The Month

This bottle of yummy chewies promises to nix your period troubles, even before they start. With vitamins C and B6, magnesium sulphate and extracts of natural ingredients like passionflower, milk thistle and chasteberry, the gummies can help relieve pre-period pain, acne, anxiety, sleeplessness, when taken ahead of your period.

4. Sanfe Silent Period Set - Small Menstrual Cups + Panty Liners

If you’re conscious about the environmental impact of your monthly Aunt Flo visits, it’s a good idea to switch to reusable products like menstrual cups. The Sanfe cup is made of medical-grade silicone and comes in three sizes based on your age and flow. And in case the switch is making you worry about stains while you get used to wearing cups, this pack comes with a set of panty liners for extra protection.

5. EverEve Ultra Absorbent Disposable Period Panties For Sanitary Protection

Most women are familiar with the hassle and mess of period stains. Make life easier with a pair of absorbent period panties, so you never have to wake up in the morning to surprise stains. These are ergonomically designed to avoid any spill - whether from the sides or back, and made of high-absorption, cotton-like breathable material that is comfortable on your skin.

6. Namyaa Anartava For Delayed And Irregular Periods

Raise your hand if you’ve ever had a mini panic attack due to delayed or irregular periods. This Ayurvedic formula treats and regulates your cycle while boosting your immunity, fertility and energising you during your period,with ingredients like aloe vera, pippali, karanja, krishna-tila and others.

7. Sanfe 3 In 1 Anti-chafing & Rash Cream With Coconut & Chamomile

While precaution is always better than cure, keeping an anti-chafing and rash cream handy is a good idea. Periods can be hard and even if you do everything right, and rashes and irritation are common during hot and humid days, if you wear sanitary pads . Try this plant-based formula with coconut and chamomile to soothe your irritated skin and bring back its original soft, healed health.

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