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Body Talk: Seven Myths About Vagina That You Should Stop Believing Rn

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Welcome to our Body Talk series where our in-house Nykaa editors cover educational and important conversations on body health.

We’ll start by thanking our stars – unlike our skin, our vagina doesn’t require a meticulous 10-step cleansing routine. In fact, our Queen V is just like you – independent and completely capable of thriving by herself. Sadly, the hullabaloo around feminine hygiene has led us to believe vagina myths are just that – myths.

Don’t jump at us, we’re the biggest advocates of intimate hygiene, but debunking ridiculous myths about your pretty peach is as important as the peach itself. We’re telling the truth from outright lies so you know better than those silly Instagram ads.

Here are the 7 myths about vagina that we are going to burst for you

Myth #1: Healthy vaginas don’t smell

All genitals have a light, natural odour. Expecting your vag to smell like a bed of roses is an impossible ask. Your natural odour depends on a lot of things – your menstrual cycle, if you’ve just had sex, hormonal fluctuations, or just excessive sweating. The trick here is to know what’s normal for your lady parts and make a trip to your gynaecologist in case the odour turns foul.

Myth #2: Your vagina needs special cleansers

While a gentle intimate wash like Sirona Natural Refreshing Intimate Wash or a handy pack of intimate wipes like Bella Intimate Care Wet Wipes help maintain optimum hygiene of your vulva, your Lady V runs on a self-cleansing mechanism. With a naturally low pH, it inhibits bacterial growth and maintains a clean atmosphere on its own. Bottom line: Keep the extras away and just let water do its trick.  

Myth #3: Vaginal discharge is dirty

No matter what they say, discharge isn’t gross. Healthy discharge should be white, slimy, clear and relatively odourless. The amount, on the other hand, depends on factors like your menstrual and ovulation cycle, the intake of birth control pills, or advancing menopause. However, seek medical help in case your vaginal discharge seems cloudy, excessive, painful, or foul-smelling.

Myth #4: Itching means yeast infection

Not all vaginal infections are due to an overgrowth of yeast, so if you’ve proudly been self-medicating with an OTC anti-yeast cream, STOP! Also, you cannot cure an infection downstairs with garlic or yoghurt, so stop pushing your monthly gynae appointment for later. For all you know, it could be a UTI, bacterial vaginosis, pubic lice, an allergic reaction to a scented product, or worse still – an STD!

Myth #5: Your period should be painful

Say a silent thank you to Period Gods if you’ve never had to take a sick leave because Aunt Flo is in town. But if you’ve been dismissing intense sharp pains for weeks just because ‘menstrual discomfort is a part of PMS’, this is your wakeup call. Popping painkillers isn’t your only resort – go, see a doc and in the meantime, let Gaia Aromatherapy Menstrual Cramp Relief Gelsoothe you.

Myth #6: Tampons can get lost in your vagina

Let’s set this straight – technically, this is impossible since the opening of your cervix is too small for an entire tampon to pass through. However, if you’ve left one in your vajayjay for way too long (big booboo), it can get caught up in the top of your vagina and the string is no longer felt. Though there’s no missing the stench of a forgotten tampon, you can choose to play it safe with reusable cloth pads like Stonesoup Petals - Dharwad Pads.

Myth #7: Pubic hair is unhygienic

Now whether you let your pubes prosper or would rather have your chickens plucked, we’re not judging you at all. In fact, if a Brazilian is too blah, get creative with the Braun Female Groomer FG1100. Our problem is with women flocking grooming salons because they’ve been trained to believe that sporting a bush is unhygienic. Well, if you maintain good hygiene in general, your happy trail is just as clean as your mane or body hair. Period.

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