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Bollywood inspired hairstyles for brides!

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Scroll down and let our stunning B-town Divas help you achieve the hairstyle that you’ve always dreamed of so that you’re the cynosure of al eyes on one of the most important days of you life. Be prepared to feel like the style Princess that you most definitely are! 

The Bombshell, Blown-out Hairdo

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An over-the-top, exaggerated style will spell every kind of drama for you.  Cascading, flowy and wavy locks all over you are all you need to create your own aura of fierce opulence.

Hairstyle Geniuses

The Elegant, Dainty Side-Updo

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Be it the sangeet, mehendi or a raucous cocktail party, sporting a side-updo will provide a splash of old Bollywood charm to the entire look. You can take it up a notch by adding fun braids and knots coupled with a middle or side parting.

Hairstyle Geniuses

A funky, Sweet-Heart Braid

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This one is definitely a marvelous hairstyle-goal. Give your locks a quirky yet feminine kink with two braids from either side that meet on the crown of your head to give birth to a heart shape -yes you read that right!

Hairstyle Geniuses

The Embellished, Flowy Hairdo

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Coy, flirty and a totally fun embellishment on your gorgeous head of long, wavy hair will make you stand miles apart from the usual crowd of updos and long locks. Wear it like a crown and own it, you slay Queen!

Hairstyle Geniuses

The Bouffant Bun

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Trust Deepika to give you excellent hairstyle inspirations for your wedding day. The definitive bouffant has the power to exude bridal glitterati and once coupled with a tight bun, will definitely wow the hawk-eyed, fashionably critical wedding brigade at ANY function.

Hairstyle Geniuses

You are just a click away from achieving the hairstyle of you dreams! Check out our ultra fabulous range of service partners who will make all your tress wishes come true on your Wedding Day. 
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