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Bollywood’s Superstars Get Candid About Motherhood

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We’re going to say it like it is: pregnancy is chaotic. Morning sickness, mid-night cravings, kilos on the waistline, the list is endless. Moreover, if you’re a celebrity, you’ve got to flaunt the baby-bump looking lit and bounce back to pre-pregnancy shape within a few weeks (of delivery).

Luckily for us, real-life Bollywood celebrity moms gave us the dope on how they actually feel about pregnancy and their journey into motherhood.

Bollywoods Superstars Get Candid About Motherhood - 1

Lisa Haydon

Pregnancy Journey: The bold and beautiful Lisa Haydon shocked fans by announcing her pregnancy on a (bikini-clad) IG post. She went on to feature a very-visible baby-bump on the cover of Elle before popping babyZack.Fast-forward to two months the svelte star made her first post-baby public appearance with super-toned abs. One could argue, Lisa’s got slim genes, but fact is, she gained 10-20 kilos. The dusky beauty always managed to look so gorgeous, by focusing on her baby: “I have been very conscious to be healthy, have green juices every day and eat protein.”
Mommy Advice: Breastfeed: “It’s been challenging + time consuming but it's such a beautiful way to bond with your child plus all the nutritional benefits he gets from your milk…”  

Shilpa Shetty Kundra

Pregnancy Journey: Lately, Bollywood divas have been up and about flaunting their baby-bumps, but back in 2012 paparazzi wasn’t as forgiving. Shilpa Shetty, the fitness enthusiast recalls, “Five months after my delivery, I went out for lunch. There were few ladies sitting at the restaurant who laughed, saying, ‘She hasn’t still lost her weight’.” The weigh-loss struggle is even more real for superstars, but she soon realised it wasn’t about being fat, as much as being fit. Within six months of delivery the yoya instructor lost 18 kilos, giving us major #BodyGoals.
Mommy Advice: Don’t diet, instead focus on a holistic lifestyle: “Include brown carbs, cook with olive oil and stay away from fizzy drinks. Start walking and cycling, three times a week.”
Bollywoods Superstars Get Candid About Motherhood - 2
Bollywoods Superstars Get Candid About Motherhood - 3

Kareena Kapoor Khan

Pregnancy Journey: The reigning queen of Bollywood gave body-shamers a run for their money as she enjoyed her pregnancy in the public eye. Beautiful Bebo never shied away from shutterbugs while carrying her bundle of joy. Quite the opposite, Kareena Kapoor - partied, walked the ramp and continued filming. Sometimes Saif used to joke, “You’ll have this baby in Mehboob Studios! But I firmly believe, just because you’re carrying another person inside you, doesn’t mean you can’t stick to your normal routine.” 
Mommy Advice: Pregnancy shouldn’t change your life: “When I was carrying Taimur, I realized I was alive, with another life inside, so I lived every moment, twice.”

Meera Rajput

Pregnancy Journey: Three years ago, Meera’s life flipped 360 degrees. The sweet girl-next-door was hitched to Bollywood’s most eligible bachelor, Shahid. Now, the couple’s all ready to welcome baby number two. This time around, Meera’s extremely candid, openly sharing pregnancy woes; from binge eating pizza to craving a good night’s sleep, the second time mommy-to-be is all over Insta: “That weird phase when your jeans don’t fit, and maternity jeans are too big.”.
Mommy Advice: Embrace your new body:I took my time and was in no rush (to lose weight). Because I was feeding Misha, I did not want to compromise on that.”
Bollywoods Superstars Get Candid About Motherhood - 4
Bollywoods Superstars Get Candid About Motherhood - 5

Aishwarya Rai

Pregnancy Journey: Bollywood’s darling and former Miss World Aishwarya Rai Bachchan welcomed a healthy baby girl in November 2011. Years later, much to her disadvantage she was always notoriously trolled for being over-weight and too old. But just this month, at 44, Aish shunned haters with a beach-ready bod in Fanney Khan, tackling both issues at one go. Overweight? Old? Heck no, the Mrs said: “One is never too posh to push or too old for a natural childbirth. I was never a rebel, I’m real and luckily I never had self-doubts.”
Mommy Advice: Tune out the negative: “Don’t let anyone’s opinion define you. Find comfort in yourself and your loved ones.”
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