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Braun Essentials for Him and Her

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Beauty appliances are a must-have in every beauty wardrobe! If you’re still having a tough time figuring what to get to look groomed all over, fret not. Here’s a list of the best from Braun, the perfect example of the fusion of flawless design and superlative function.

A hairdryer is a must-have for boys and gals! This one comes with a thermos sensor that keeps a check on the temperature 600 times a minute and automatically adjusts it. It also provides even heat distribution with a feature to dry cold, wet hair faster. Plus a sleek and slender professional nozzle that gives salon results at home!

Find waxing cumbersome and painful? We do too! So, here’s a smooth skin marvel that can be used both dry and wet! (Yes, even in the shower). It can even remove hair as small as a grain of sand and comes with six extra fixtures. The exfoliation brush cleans your skin four times faster, while the pivoting head navigates across your body’s contours effortlessly. Get this today!

Never run out of waves and curls again! Thanks to the breakthrough innovation Iontec that protects your hair’s health, frizz and static will become a distant memory. The green ion jet releases millions of satin ions to give you radiant, shiny, well styled locks for ever.  The unique ion system moisturizes tresses and tames frizz caused by heat treatments.

Last but not the least we have just the thing for your face and other delicate areas!  It’s ultraprecision head is designed for shaving defined lines, shapes and contours.  Perfect to shave delicate areas like the bikini line, face and shaping your brows!  Leave your body hair woes behind with this device specially created for areas that are most sensitive!

Well-groomed facial hair is the need of the hour!  This travel-friendly trimmer gives you the freedom of experimenting with several looks. It comes with two trimming combs that give you precise and sharp lines besides reaching sensitive areas such as the nose and chin.  All it needs is a single AAA battery and gives you 120 minutes of use! Go get that suave look you’ve been longing for!

With micro-comb technology and sensofoil this shaver gives you the closest shave yet even with a three-day beard without scraping skin. Designed to be used in the shower with shaving foam or gel,  it can be submerged into water that’s up to 5 meters deep! You can get a full charge within an hour that will last up to 45 mins of usage.  Have we ticked all the boxes for you to switch to this lifesaver or not?

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