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Bridal Beauty Trends For 2018 By Namrata Soni

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Calling all brides-to-be! Makeup maestro Namrata Soni’s dishing out all the dope on bridal makeup for 2018. Sorry Sonam, you’ve got competition.

Here are all the latest bridal makeup trends to watch out for:

What is the beauty trend forecast according to you?

NS: "The biggest bridal makeup trend is glitter! Brides will be dousing themselves in sparkle and shimmery-satins on both their lips and eyes. Metallic shadows and liners are going to be big this season"

What colors will be big this season?

NS: "Chrome, metallic shades are going to be huge. Silver, gold and copper will work wonders. Colored kohls in shades like indigo blue, forest green, soft gold or a chocolate brown look great too"
What can brides keep makeup from transferring?
NS: "Always use water-proof and smudge-proof makeup. Invest in a hydrating setting spray as it doesn’t allow makeup to transfer and remember to set it with loose powder last longer"

Can you suggest some toned-down lip colors?

NS:"A nude lippie with a subtle touch of pink is ideal. A rose-pink lipstick matches almost any color outfit the bride chooses to wear. As long as the nude has a tint of pink, her face will never look sallow"
How can brides prevent a white cast in photographs?
NS: "A lot of brides want to look brighter and use a foundation that’s much lighter. Always go only a half shade lighter than your actual complexion as the camera flash adds up to a paler face"

How can brides incorporate glitter without looking OTT?

NS:"If she balances the glitter on her face, she can follow the trend to the T. Also include a bit of sparkle on her fingertips. But be cautious to choose glitter on the eyes or opt for a shimmery lip"
What is the makeup routine for a dewy look?
NS: "The easiest way is to ensure buying makeup specifically formulated for a fresh, dewy-finished face. I sometimes use petroleum jelly on the high points of the bride’s face for a subtle glow"

Do you need HD makeup?

NS:"At the end of the day, you can use your existing vanity kit too for the big day. It’s all about how well your makeup is blended in and beautifully set"
What are the makeup faux pas to avoid this season?
NS: "A darker lip line around your lipstick is bad. Apply concealer and foundation only on the areas that needs them, to avoid looking cake-y. Try to avoid falsies too as the added weight makes eyes droop"
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