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Bridal Makeup Looks For Stunning Dusky Brides

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bridal makeup looks for dusky skin
Dusky brides are drop dead gorgeous! And they look stunning as brides, really standing out of the crowd with their warm brown skin! But while a lot of dusky girls might think their makeup options are limited, let us tell you, they are not!

Here are some of the best makeup looks we spotted on dusky brides, so bookmark away to show your MUA now!

bridal makeup looks- raspberry lips

1. Clean skin, raspberry lips

A great way to show off that gorgeous skin of yours! A dewy base, eyes highlighted with kohl and gold on the inner corners and bright matte red lips, a perfect look to go with a bright red outfit!

2. Black smokey eyes with nude lips

Dusky brides look great with smokey eyes when done right, and black smokey eyes with nude matte lips is another gorgeous look to go for- yes, even for the wedding day! Falsies help take the smokey eyes to another level altogether which looks super glam!
bridal makeup looks- smokey eye
bridal looks- vampy lips

3. Vampy lips with highlighted cheekbones

Dark vampy lips are so in these days, and oxblood is a great hue to try! Keeping the lips as the main focal point of the look with kohled eyes and highlighted cheekbones, this is a great look for any function at the wedding! Bold brows also really work well for this look!

4. Bronze Eyes & Pink Lips

Go for a darker shade on the eyes and a contrasting lip shade. A bronze palette on the eyes and soft pink lips is a great example.
makeup for dusky skin- bronze eyes
makeup for dusky skin-winged liner

5. Winged eyeliner with glossy brown lips

A winged eyeliner looks great on almost every bride, and this is another fairly simple look that any dusky bride can carry off!

6. Shimmery bronze eyes and red lips

How gorgeous are these shimmery brown eyelids? Bronze looks great on dusky brides, and is a great combination with bright matte lips!
bridal makeup looks –shimmery eyes
makeup for dusky skin-minimal

7. Minimal makeup look

This is a luxury dusky brides have! If you have great skin, show it off in its full glory with minimal makeup. We couldn't help but notice how gorgeous Real Bride Aesha looks, although she has minimal makeup on- just flawless skin evened out with a bit of foundation, lightly-kohled eyes, filled in brows and nude lips.
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