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5 Bridal Makeup Mistakes You Must Avoid

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As a bride-to-be, we are sure you have a couple of bridal looks in mind. In fact, we’d bet all our money on the fact that you have a mood board, ready to be whipped out at a whim. But, but, but. If anything was to cause a hitch in your plans, we’d say it would be bridal makeup mistakes. Sure, your makeup artists might be accomplished, but more often than not, teeny-tiny errors in your wedding makeup can ruin the entire look. So, while you scroll through Pinterest and Instagram to pick the perfect bridal makeup, pay extra attention to small details like choosing the right product and opting for waterproof makeup. To help you achieve your dream makeup look, here’s 5 mistakes you must avoid.

Bridal Makeup Mistakes To Avoid

1. Not Getting A Makeup Trial

You hardly get a couple of hours to get ready on your wedding day, leaving you with no room for any makeup redos in case you do not like the final look. Solution: Makeup trials. Ask your makeup artists to try your desired bridal look on your face 2-3 months before the wedding. A makeup trial helps decide the best makeup look as per your skin type and outfit. Make sure you have enough time before the wedding to finalise the bridal look and makeup artist. Let the makeup artist know about your skin tone, skin type, product allergies, etc, to help them give you a gorgeous look.

2. Experimenting With New Looks Or Style

Never tried the smoky eye look? Your wedding day is not the best time to test it out. Avoid trying any new makeup trends or styles on your wedding day. Your bridal makeup should enhance your natural look and make you more comfortable in your skin. If bold hues and dark lipstick is not your thing, avoid experimenting with them on your wedding day too. Have a lengthy discussion with your makeup artist beforehand to help her understand the bridal look you want. Do not opt for any chemical or extensive beauty treatments just a day before the wedding as it can cause redness, itching or breakouts which can spoil your bridal look.

3. A Cakey Base

Sure, you need long-lasting makeup that conceals all your flaws and dark spots. But that does not mean you end up with layers of makeup, heavy foundation, or too much blush. To achieve a bridal glow, your makeup should be lightweight and enhance your natural features. It is best to tone down the compact powder and restrict it to your nose and forehead to zap out extra oil. Similarly, avoid using high-definition powder as it can leave a white cast and ruin your pictures.. Follow the ‘less is more’ rule and apply only the required amount of makeup products to your skin.

4. Not Choosing The Right Foundation

Foundation is an integral part of your base makeup and going wrong with it can ruin your entire look. You must choose the foundation that suits your skin perfectly- both skin tone and skin type. Your foundation should be exactly the same colour or a shade lighter than your skin tone. You must also consider your undertones - pinkish, yellowish or neutral while using the foundation as you would do with your skin type. Similarly, consider whether your skin is oily, dry or combination before buying your foundation. Your foundation should not leave your dry skin drier or leave a slick of oil on your already oily face. Also consider the weather and season while picking a foundation. It would be best to opt for an oil-free foundation for a summer wedding. However, a cream based liquid foundation would work best in winter weddings.

5. Going Overboard With Your Eyes

Whether your outfit is a hue of colours or monochrome, make sure that your eyelids are in a single tone. Lathering on multicoloured eyeshadow to match the wedding vibe is a complete no-no. Opt for metallic or earthy tones for your bridal eye makeup as it would suit all situations and outfits. You can opt for gold, brown, rose gold or bronze base or smoky bridal eye makeup. If you are going for natural looking makeup look or a minimalist look, it is best to not match the eye makeup with the colour of your outfit. Avoid using black colour on your eyebrows and instead opt for a grey or brown shade for a more natural look. Prep your eyelids with a primer for long-lasting makeup, and always choose a waterproof mascara to keep your makeup in check amidst all the potential waterworks during the wedding rituals.

Now that you are aware of some of the common bridal makeup mistakes, communicate about these to your artist beforehand for a perfect bridal makeup look and get ready to dazzle on your big day!


1. Why Does Bridal Makeup Look Cakey?

A few common makeup mistakes can make your bridal makeup look cakey. Bridal makeup tends to be slightly heavier than your regular makeup as it is supposed to be long-lasting. However, it does not necessarily need to be cakey. Applying too many products on dry skin can make your makeup cakey. Instead, moisturising your face, blending your makeup well and using a setting spray at the end can help you avoid cakey makeup.

2. Does Bridal Makeup Need To Be Heavy?

No, your bridal makeup should not be heavy. It should look and feel like your natural skin. Your makeup should not make you look like a different person but instead should enhance your natural beauty and confidence.

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