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Bright And Bold Nail Polishes To Elevate Your Summer Beauty Cabinet

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I have always harboured immense love for art which has very organically translated into my passion for makeup over the years. As a preteen who wasn't allowed anywhere near her mother’s dresser, I would tiptoe around (and most often get into trouble for it), as she enjoyed her summer afternoon slumber and get my hands on dozens of her nail polish bottles. Sitting on the floor, mixing varying hues and carefully coating a layer on my chipped nails with dedication that took every morsel of my being. In all honesty, a little rough around the edges and clumpy but the bright coloured enamel gave me so much thrill at the time. Cut to the present, it's almost midsummer 2022 which makes me reminisce about my summer break shenanigans as a kid—especially with the influx of colours summer brings alongside! I love the strobes of warm, extravagant colours over the eyes, flushed cheeks, tinted lips and most definitely the eccentric, summery nails. And with the world slowly opening up again I felt it was imperative that I embrace the opportunity to flaunt new trends, dabble in risque beauty looks and relish the summer sun. All aboard? I don’t know about you but I’m taking inspiration from the hottest trends that are popping on my phone screen and I am all set for elevating my nail game this summer. Here’s me bringing you all, a line-up of some of my favourites. Pretty pastels, glitter glory, and much more. Add a streak of colour to the monotony with these nail colours in your beauty cabinet.

1. Penchant For Pastels

Nykaa Cosmetics Insta Dry Nail Enamel

Easy on the eyes, vibrant with soft undertones. Summer pastel pops for your nails are super chic, elegant and always on trend. The Nykaa Cosmetics Insta Dry Nail Enamel is a summer must have for those looking for maximum coverage with just a coat or two. Smudge resistant and quick to dry, these shades give you all the room to be inventive. Try the muted Mint Memory in checker art, pastel french tips with Lilac Live, tasteful ombres with nudes and Sky Share. Get this combo right away.

2. Monday Monochromes

Masaba by Nykaa Nail Enamel

You can never falter with red. It's fierce, flamboyant and fabulous. Usher the week in with a bold red and exude unparalleled confidence. My go-to crimson hue is the Masaba by Nykaa Nail Enamel - Touch Me Not. Refashion your nails without the hassle of hitting a salon. Convenient and cost effective, isn’t it? And the cherry on the top is that a sole coat gets me through a week at a stretch without the worry of reapplication! If you are feeling a tad bit adventurous, team this crimson with a cheery yellow and a strobe of orange for top notch gradient nails.

3. The Glitter Goddess

Nykaa Star Studded Glitter Nail Polish

A little glitz and glamour on the nails is an instant mood booster. The Nykaa Star Studded Glitter Coat Nail Enamel Polish - Boujee Rose Gold is my secret to getting festive nails on a budget. Whether you are donning ethereal ethnic or a little black number, the hint of glitter can add some much needed drama to your ensemble. Try alternating with monochrome hues and nudes for striking, pronounced looks.

4. Neon Nostalgia

Nykaa Cosmetics Trending Neons Nail

Neon is making a comeback this summer and we are stoked. Helping you stay a step ahead to ace the trend always, get your hands on the Nykaa Cosmetics Trending Neons Matte Nail Enamel also available in a combo of three. Explore uncharted territory of self expression with geometric patterns and master strokes of Pink Lemonade. Blow off some steam by the pool with Cherry Pop half moons. May the only thing burning brighter than the summer sun be your nails coated in some Lemonade Fizz! *Adds to cart*

5. Everyday Enamel

Kay Beauty Nail Nourish Enamel Polish

I think there isn't enough dialogue around nail health. Sure, we all love some bright tips to liven up our lives but what about nourishment? Is there a way to care for the well being of your nails? The answer is yes! The Kay Beauty Nail Nourish Nail Enamel Polish - Free Bird (available in a myriad of other shades) is the need of the hour. This nail lacquer mitigates concerns like chipping, yellowing and keeps your nails hydrated.The goodness of lemon peel water, avocado oil and other antioxidants makes it ideal for everyday wear.

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