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Festive rainbow eyes

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Bold, bright colors on the eyes aren't easy look to pull off. Sunny yellows, tangy oranges, watermelon pinks and fresh blues can look overwhelming especially when more than three colors are used together. But if you're looking for a wearable way to sport some hues on your eyes this festive season, we will show you how to make a colorful splash.

For this tutorial, I am using three colors, sunny yellow, watermelon pink and a warm blue. Don't use more than three colors at the same time (unless you're doing a themed look for a special event!) to keep the look wearable.

Step-by-step colourful eyes tutorial

Step 1
Start by applying a gold eyeshadow all over the lid as base. A gold base will make the look more wearable.
Step 2
Next, apply the matte brown eye shadow in the crease line with a soft fluffy brush. This will add some depth to the socket line.
Step 3
Now, apply the yellow in the inner half of the lid including the inner corner.
Step 4
Then apply your favourite pink blush in watermelon pink in the outer half of the lid as shown.
Step 5
Blend the pink and yellow on the lid using a fluffy blending brush. Also blend the pink with the brown in the outer crease to get a smooth gradient with all the shades.
Step 6
Line the waterline with the blue liner. If you want to keep the look very warm, use brown liner instead of blue. Blue adds some contrast to the yellow/pink and gives an interesting colourful look.
Step 7
Line the upper lash line thinly with a black liner. You could wing it out if you want.
Step 8
Finish the look with two coats of your favorite mascara. Your colourful bright eye look is now ready! Don't forget to fill in your brows once the foundation is done.

Tip: keep the focus on the eyes, pair this with a natural blush and soft natural pink or peach lipstick. My picks for this look would be Lakme 9 to 5 Primer + Matte Lip Color - Coral Date and Wet n Wild Color Icon Blush - Mellow Wine.

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