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Bronze Eye Meets Cherry Lips: Runway’s Show Stealer

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The first rule in every beauty book is to never swipe on a bright pout with a dramatic smokey eye. Which is exactly why we’ve ODed on that old-as-hills trick. Moments like this has us turning to the runway for all its outlandish experiments. And 2018’s trend report has a winning combination: the bronze eyeshadow and cherry lip. They complement each other despite being iconic, loud and audacious. So give this look your all with these makeup essentials. Scroll down.
A Flawless Start
You know the drill: hydrate, moisturize and swipe on primer before you begin. But to blur imperfections, mousse or liquid foundation are clever bets. Make sure it’s illuminator free, ’cause you don’t want to shine brighter than your metallic eyes. Blend in your complexion-correcting formula with a round, flat-topped brush for quick, even coverage. And finally, dab on a light compact to absorb oil and fade open pores.
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The Bronze Lining
The neutral yet sultry, light-reflecting bronze eyeshadow seldom goes out of season. Nor does it discriminate the color of your skin. In fact, the darker your lids, the brighter they dazzle. Whether you’re going minimal with a graphic line or multi-dimensional with a smokey eye, keep one thing in mind: start with lighter shades and then gradually transition the darker ones. And should you want to stay on trend, glaze a dewy balm across your lids for added texture.    
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Cherry Pick Your Pout
You’re mistaken if you think the hunt ends at finding the perfect red lipstick. Aren’t we suckers for every kind of red in every kind of undertone, tinge and texture? The runway, however, has been obsessing about a ‘cherry’ tone that stands smack in the middle of scarlet and vermillion. The trick, however, lies in application. Master that, and you can (cherry) pick between a retro matte, blurred ombre, high-definition pout or a just-had-a-popsicle stain. Go crazy.
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