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Burn Those Post Delivery Calories Away, Nice & Slow

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Burn Those Post Delivery Calories Away, Nice & Slow - 1
As a new mom, your thoughts revolve only around your baby and days pass by in a blur of feeds, diapers and changes. In the midst of all the new mommy chaos, you sometimes probably wonder whether all that pre pregnancy flab will ever come off.
Losing pregnancy weight is possible but it requires a bit of patience, diet control and exercise. Here are some ways to knock off those pounds you put on during pregnancy:
Never Skip Meals
Starving or skipping meals will slow down your metabolism instead of getting it fired up. Eating regular, healthy meals is the first step to losing weight.
Eat Healthy Fats
Yes, healthy fats are actually nutritious and help in the weight loss process. Eating the right amount of these fats daily could even get you a flat tummy faster! Nuts, fatty fish, whole eggs and coconut oil are good fats.
Breastfeeding burns about 500 calories a day! Breastfeed as long as you and your baby like and watch yourself weigh lighter in the scales.
Power Of Antioxidants
There is no direct link between antioxidants and weight loss, however, it has been found that consuming foods rich in antioxidants creates the right environment to help burn calories. Bell peppers, leafy vegetables, green tea and green coffee are rich in antioxidants.
Exercise Right
Start gradually after your doctor gives you a go ahead. Exercise for thirty minutes a day and slowly increase the duration and intensity. Yes, we know you're pressed for time, but this is a must!
Eat The Right Vitamins
Vitamins and supplements are not limited to pregnancy. Eating the right vitamins post delivery builds up body strength and aids in weight loss too. Calcium, Vitamin D, Omega 3 fatty acids and Vitamin B12 turn on the weight loss switch in your body and give you that healthy glow back.
Remember, it took nine months to put on pregnancy flab, it will take some time to get rid of it. Just remember to be realistic, eat healthy, exercise and enjoy motherhood!
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