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Buzzing Beauty Treatments – The 2019 Edition

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The New Year calls for new resolutions and the beginning of a whole new self. But if like me you too cannot manage to stick to your resolutions for more than two weeks into January then is quick fix is just what you need. From losing those extra pounds to getting clearer skin, for all of you looking to change things up this year, we bring you Columbia University Educated, acclaimed New York Dermatologist Dr. Kiran Lohia to help you pick from the top treatments that will help make sticking to your resolutions so much easier.

Here are her top picks of latest beauty treatments for 2019.

  • Microneedling

    Don’t let the word Microneedling scare you off. It is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that’s used to treat skin concerns by boosting collagen production. Dr. Kiran says, “When done properly and with a specific itemized technique, Microneedling can stimulate baby skin, or the same collagen you had as a baby called TGF-B3. This skin care treatment can teach your skin how to behave better in response to inflammation or stress, literally making your skin younger and healthier. So, Microneedling is about RENEWAL, not rejuvenation.” So, this 2019, say hello to baby skin!
  • PicoSure

    There’s noting more annoying that patchy pigmented skin that even the best HD foundation can’t seem to seamlessly cover. Enter PicoSure that wipes away even those pesky tattoos that were the result of regretful impulsive decisions. Dr. Kiran adds, “Literally the latest and strongest laser for pigmentation and tattoo removal, Picosure is changing the game when it comes to getting rid of unwanted discoloration, even impossible to treat pigmentary disorders.” Still looking at that tattoo you got years ago? PicoSure it away in 2019!
  • Sculpsure and EMSculpt

    Losing weight is a struggle. But don’t let that stagnant phase dissuade you. “Non-invasive fat loss is changing to technologies that are more effective without pain or side effects. Sculpsure is a laser-based fat loss science that works rapidly without risk and without pain! This cosmetic beauty treatment that involves a laser  that only targets fat cells and killing them immediately, making it ultra-safe and specific to unwanted fat. EMSculpt uses a technology designed to stimulate muscles in the area so that local muscle energy uptake kills the fat around it.” Adds Dr. Kiran.  
  • Home Devices

    Dr Kiran foresees 2019 as the year of home devices. From jade rollers that keep the Kardashians looking stunning to ancient remedies that have long been forgotten, she predicts a comeback. “Home devices in conjunction with a proper dermatological routine are the new wave. Guasha, jade rollers, microdermabrasion brushes, home LED - all will become a normal part of life in 2019 because guess what, they help!” says Dr. Kiran. No, despite most beauty fads going the way of the dinosaurs, jade rollers continue to dominate the skincare world. So get rolling!
  • Vitamin Infusion

    The outside of your skin is a mere reflection of the inside. Dr. Kiran adds, “Now that our food is so adulterated with pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers and GM, it is becoming less and less nutritious. And, the sheer amount of stress our bodies are under in the modern world means we get depleted even quicker! What’s the solution? IV Vitamin Water Infusions! 90-100% of the infusions get immediately taken up into your cells, causing instantaneous benefit and nutrition. What could be better?” So, to look beautiful on the outside start from the inside and take on 2019 with that luminescent glow.
Check out these latest beauty treatments and skin care treatments and let us know your thoughts!
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