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Calling All The Single Ladies!

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Let’s face it. Secretly most of us heaved a sigh of relief when 2017 year-end revelries ended. All that pressure to be happy through the holidays. It’s all over. Right? Wrong! February is right here with the most socially aggravating event of the year, Valentine’s Day! Brace yourself as your spam emails triplicate, urging you to buy dresses, watches, candies, rings and even a boyfriend. One thing we learnt from Sex and the City is “The most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one your have with yourself. And If you can find someone to love the you that you love, well, that’s just fabulous.”
Let’s break this down for you. Just. Spoil. Yourself. UNAPOLOGETICALLY. You understand your love language the most. Single ladies, we’re going to call this a BYOV. Yes, be your own valentine. Need an itinerary to puzzle your way?

Here’s a list of things to do if you’re single on Valentine’s Day:

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  1. 1. Breakfast like a Queen
  2. Get out and treat yourself to what your heart fancies; that McMeal, wholesome salad, fine dining experience or even your cookbook to savour a scrumptious meal in bed. And if you’re already cooking, you might as well use this prime time to DIY your way to some amazing face masks straight out of your refrigerator. Now we’re talking.
  3. 2. Lunch with your Homies
  4. A mid-day adventure with your faves and a meal good for the soul. Now this could totally pass off a beauty treatment in disguise. Good mental health, nourishment and happiness for that lit from within glow. Dine, wine, converse in style while you check off that place from your bucket list.
  5. 3. Get Fancy
  6. We know you look fly already. But since it’s your day, take time out to style your hair, chop them off, get extensions or head for a hair spa. Slap on a sheet mask like The Face Shop Real Nature or restore stressed strands with Toni&Guy Nourish: Reconstruction Mask. Be your own manicurist or call your girlfriend over for the pamper sesh. This is about your kind of fancy.
  7. 4. Take Full Advantage of Offers
  8. Those tempting Valentine combos and packages, this time for yourself. Take that special lady *hands you the mirror* for a special treat. Fashion and beauty promotions are in your favour, why not make use of it? As per couple massages, you and your mum, sister or BFF (just saying) make two as well.
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  9. 5. Soak in a Luxurious Bath
  10. Indulge with your favorite soak. Then give yourself a good scrub with a pampering formula like The Body Shop Olive Scrub for butter soft skin. Next seal in moisture with your favourite lotion. We highly recommend St. Ives Daily Hydrating Vitamin E & Avocado Body Lotion.  Then read that book you’ve been dying to or just listen to your favorite music.
  11. 6. Write Yourself a Love Letter
  12. Tap into your deepest feelings while you exhale words you’ve been dying to hear, this time from yourself. Show yourself unconditional support and kindness. Light some Kama Ayurveda Kapurkachri Incense sticks and take as long as you must. We promise you it’ll be worth it.
  13. 7. Staycation, Baby
  14. Let’s once more ditch the age-old adage of needing a bae for a staycation. Get ready and take the unconventional staycation route with just you or your girlfriends. You may grab a coffee, sleep all day, pop open some bubbly or go to a party. Tempted yet? Just in case you make plans to whiz off here’s a handy travel kit, Khadi Natural Travel Kit 2.
  15. 8. Book a photoshoot
  16. As self-indulgent as it may sound, there’s no shame in it and it takes a whole lotta self-love. Not only does this boost your confidence but also lets you take home photographs. Use them later or save them in your personal journal, flip the bird to anyone who you’re scared of being judged by.
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  17. 9. Meditate
  18. Slow down. Settling your mind before you tuck yourself into bed is important. Make use of Nykaa Naturals Essential Oil range for relaxation. Did you know breakouts, acne and eczema are all correlated to stress? Sprinkle some drops of Nykaa Naturals Lavender Essential Oil into a diffuser and let the aroma waft you into serenity of being.
  19. 10. Start a Valentine’s Day tradition
  20. You’re never going to be apart from yourself. There’s something about self-made traditions and rituals. Be it baking, retail therapy of some sort, haircuts, visiting an orphanage or old-age home. Start a Valentine’s tradition for yourself. Now if you’re single and awesome or with a special someone, this one must always go on.
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