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Can Dandruff Cause Hair Fall?

Losing upto 100 strands of hair daily isn’t a cause for alarm—especially if your scalp is healthy—but if you’re facing flaky scalp issues combined with more than usual hair loss, then it’s quite possible that dandruff is the culprit. Though dandruff, that affects the scalp, and hair loss, that affects hair follicles, are two completely separate conditions, there is a link between them. In fact, dandruff can make hair fall worse.

Read on to know about the causes of hair fall and how to control dandruff and hair fall:

Link between dandruff and hair fall

A study in the Indian Journal of Dermatology noted that there was significantly higher rate of hair fall (100-300 strands) among people who had dandruff, compared to 50-100 strands for people with a healthy scalp. In fact, the study noted that the presence of dandruff may precede telogen effluvium (hair loss in women) and may also worsen androgenetic alopecia (male pattern hair loss). Another study published in the British Journal of Dermatology saw a reduction in hair fall among patients after anti-dandruff treatment.

Why dandruff causes hair fall?

Scratching your head (a common fallout of dandruff) can damage hair follicles, break roots and irritate the scalp, leading to further hair fall. Dandruff also causes irritation and inflammation, both of which weaken hair follicles, causing hair to fall out.  Finally, dandruff is a sign of an unhealthy scalp, that also makes hair unhealthy, and more prone to breakage.

Treating dandruff to prevent hair fall

The first step to stop hair fall caused by dandruff is using an effective, zinc infused anti dandruff shampoo like Head & Shoulders Anti Dandruff Lemon Fresh Shampoo Save Rs.50. For very sensitive scalps, natural anti-dandruff pH balanced formulas like Biotique Bio Margosa Anti-Dandruff Shampoo & Conditioner infused with the goodness of Margosa, Euphorbia and Bhringraj eliminates dryness, flaking and itching. You could also try an anti-dandruff hair oil like Himalaya Herbals Anti-Dandruff Hair Oil that banishes hair fall and strengthens hair follicles.

Natural anti-dandruff remedies

If you prefer going the all-natural route, here are some effective anti-dandruff remedies. You could massage your scalp with equal parts of Parachute 100% Pure Coconut Oil and lemon juice.  A paste of baking soda and water applied to the scalp can also relive itching. Tea Tree Oil like Nykaa Naturals Tea Tree Essential Oil mixed with coconut oil and massaged on the scalp also works well. Using Apple Cider Vinegar is a tried and tested antidote to dandruff. After shampooing hair with an anti-dandruff shampoo, rinse strands with a mixture of five tablespoons of St.Botanica Apple Cider Vinegar and a mug of water.

Here’s to a dandruff-free healthy head of hair!

Nykaa recommends: Head & Shoulders Anti Dandruff Lemon Fresh Shampoo, Biotique Bio Neem Margosa Anti-Dandruff Shampoo & Conditioner, Himalaya Herbals Anti-Dandruff Hair Oil, Nykaa Naturals Frankincense Essential Oil and St.Botanica Apple Cider Vinegar

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