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Celebrate Color with Nykaa’s Matte to Last Liquid Lipsticks

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The hottest, most-awaited launch of the year is finally here! Nykaa Cosmetics just dropped their latest line of liquid lipsticks and we’re in absolute awe. Not only does the gorgeous formula stay put all day long but it’s an ode to India’s rich heritage. With ten unique shades all crafted to resonate with the vibrant personalities of Indian women, all Nykaa really had to do was look ‘within’ for inspiration.
Each shade of this collection embodies the persona of a pre-selected location - making all the hues even more beautiful. What’s more is that this passion project went a step further to account its fan-following inputs. Thus, 3000 customer responses later, the dream team finally put together a stunning line that celebrates the colors of the magical land we call home.
From the shades to be incorporated to the type of packaging and even something as small as the brush stroke, constant encouragement and participation made this range come alive. The Matte To Last Liquid Lipstick range invokes a deep sense of pride considering it’s by the beauty buffs, for the beauty buffs. Without further ado, here are the show-stoppers to own this summer.
But first, before the shades are revealed, here’s the little lowdown on the formulation. Like all liquid mattes this launch too boasts of a long-lasting, non-transferable formula. In fact, it stays put for up to 8-12 hours straight. Swipe it one once and you’re all set for a non-budging, zero-touch up, transfer-proof pucker. Sounds good right? Plus, enriched with Vitamin V, it’s never going to dry up your lips, but hydrate them on the contrary. Say yes to this kiss-proof lippie, stat.


If you’re a Delhiite one thing is sure - your fun-loving, risk-taking, ever-exploring persona needs a companion. Enter your newest BFF – a barely there pink with a subtle nude undertone.


A huge shout-out to all the ‘bomb’ baes. Since you’re always running late in the city that never sleeps, here’s a neutral nude that screams – I’m ready to take on whatever life throws at me.


Nothing describes royalty more than a rich, vibrant crimson. So, if there’s only one shade that is fit for a queen’s lips, it’s got to be this deep maroon for a bold and powerful pout.


Oh! Calcutta hats off to the most melodic, sweet city you’ll ever visit. In tune with the music and romance you’ll find this bright red as confident and dramatic as the mysterious girl donning it.

IT Girl

While the IT capital of India is the financial hub, everyone forgets that this concrete jungle is also the house-party capital. Pucker up with a swipe of this pinkish mauve and sky-high stilettos.


If one could describe the majestic Nawabi culture is just one word, grandiose would come to mind. And if there was only one shade to do that grandiosity justice is this outwardly mauve.


There’s nothing more compelling than the bright-eyed look of a girl with big dreams. With a swipe of this ginger hue on her lips and a heart full of passion, this beauty is going places.

Madras Kappi

Perfectly balancing the scales with beauty on one side and brains on the other this brown-eyed beaut will stop at nothing short of exquisite, with her very loud brown pout.


This party-starter from Punjab needs some glitz and glam in life. So, it wouldn’t be rocket science for her to don the brightest of pinks as her partner in crime. It is after all the loudest shade of ’em all.


Last but not the least, ending our matte lippies on a high note is this retro tint. Think of it as your girl-next-door shade, a neutral toned pink that blends well with all complexions.
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