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Chill Out Bridezilla: SOS Fixes For Eight Bridal Blunders

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The pressure is building, the spotlight is on YOU. Meanwhile, you’re in a state of panic, your family is stressing out… Let’s face it, if there’s one day where nothing (absolutely nothing) can go wrong, it’s on your wedding day. Ladies, it’s just not the wedding outfit, the flowers and the food that needs to look perfect, but your makeup, skin and hair needs to be on point too. While we can’t help you deal with unruly guests and a scatter-brained wedding planner, we can stop you from committing the biggest bridal blunders.

All thanks to some much-needed expert advice from a Makeup Artist, Dermatologist and Hair Stylist. 

Top 8 Bridal Makeup Blunders To Avoid  

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On the face of it, your foundation seems like the perfect match. However, your photographer’s archive tells a different tale. Turns out, you’ve picked one that’s sooooo light, it’s Edward Cullen-esque pale, making you look like Casper The Friendly Ghost on your big day. Eeks!

The Expert Solution

MUA Shraddha Naik explains, “Make sure the color of your foundation matches your skin tone. Using shades lighter will make your face look uneven when compared to the neck and the rest of your body.” Many women tend to match their skin to their neck, which might be lighter and your chest darker. The trick is to match your foundation shade to your décolleté rather than your face, because your face and neck are usually the palest parts of your body. Swipe on a couple of samples on your jaw and cheek and walk into natural light. Check your reflection, the shade that disappears is yours. Yay!

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Eye makeup can make or break a look, especially on your wedding day. If not blended correctly, your smokey eye might cast a shadow on your otherwise perfect wedding pictures.

The Expert Solution

When it comes to eye makeup, avoid going outré, and go subtle. If you want to experiment, Ms. Naik suggests you try the look beforehand. “If you’re trying heavy lashes or lenses for the first time on your bridal day, make sure you test them in order to know your comfort level with them.” But if you’re the eyeshadow-kinda girl, remember not to overlayer. Choose from a wide variety of formulations and textures, depending on the look you’re aiming for – matte, shimmer, satin, frost, or glitter. Start the application from the center of the lid and sweep towards both the inner and outer corners. Use darker shades of the palette at the crease to define the eye shape and lighter ones at the centre to give it just the right pop of color. If you want to highlight the brow bone, go for the lighter shades and blend softly.

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When done right, boy, do you glow! But apply the wrong shade that doesn’t match your tone, on the wrong place or even too much of it and you’ll look like a red-faced monkey.

The Expert Solution

You have to blend, blend and blend. First, pick a blush that matches your skin color, apply it to the apple of your cheeks and voila! You are all set to paint the town rosy with your flushed cheeks. Rule of thumb: If you have fair skin, remember that less is more to own a healthy flush. Select shades in pale pink or baby pink for a subtle glow. For medium or wheatish skin tones, opt for flattering shades like rosy pink, deep peach, a tinge of apricot or orange. Dusky girls, choose a color from rose to deep orange. Pigmented blushes are your best friend. Avoid using light shades because they can make you look washed out and ashy.

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If you think your skin’s going to listen to you at the nth hour, girl, are you in trouble or are you in trouble? Think of every last-minute disaster, and you’ll probably face it. Yep, it true.

The Expert Solution

Prepping is the first step to gorgeous skin on the most important day of your life. Dermatologist Dr Aanchal Panth, suggests, “A good moisturizer is essential. Use a gel-based moisturizer for oily skin and a cream-based moisturizer for dry skin. Since you’ll have to do a lot of running around and shopping, a good sunscreen with SPF 50 is a must.” TBH, moisturizer and sunscreen are a must regardless of the running around. But also consider bridal skincare kits that are designed to rejuvenate, restore and revitalize your skin three to six months in advance. Look for a face scrub, face oil and hair oil enriched with nourishing ingredients a la Kumkumadi, Bringadi and Turmeric that are glow-boosters, all-in-one cleansers and shine saviors.

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#NewPhase #NewSkincareRoutine. Yes? Hell no! There’s no need to shake things up with a whole new skincare routine just because D-day’s around the corner.

The Expert Solution

Leave experimenting to less important times. Dr. Aanchal swears by this rule herself. She explains, “If the wedding is more than three months away, you can make some changes. But if the wedding is a month away, then stick to what you have been using as there won’t be enough time to fix breakouts and reactions to new ingredients.” Missing the much-needed skincare consultation may not be the right thing to do either. Dr. Aanchal adds, “Consult with your dermatologist at least two weeks prior to the event.”


If it’s trending on Instagram, it better be trending on your D-day? Uhm, are we forgetting ’em #InstaFilters? I think so.

The Expert Solution

Browsing the ‘Gram is one thing, taking inspiration from it for your bridal looks is another. Most makeup and hair artists will dissuade you from this. Ms. Naik too thinks this is the biggest makeup blunder of all. She says, “Brides come asking to recreate these heavily caked up looks that bloggers post. If you have great skin, you don’t need so much coverage. All those extra sharp contour lines, defined highlighters and over dramatic lashes look good in photos but not IRL.” Point taken. And when it comes to hair, you need to keep your hair texture and length in mind before imitating a hairstyle. Hiral Bhatia, Celebrity Hairstylist, is a believer of this mantra too. She adds, “Don’t try to follow trends blindly. Don’t overdo your bridal hairstyle. Let it be unique and comfortable.” That voluminous puff you see on the ’Gram may look like a bird’s nest on you.

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Dote on heat-inducing devices for your hair? Uhm, chances that your hair is damaged is high. What makes you think your hair’s texture will hold up on D-Day?

The Expert Solution

Tone down on all that hair styling a few months before the wedding. And get a haircut. The sight of split ends and rough texture are a total no-no, especially when it’s your big moment. And no, we don’t mean for you to give up on hair styling completely. If you can’t make do without your straightener or curler, applying natural oils or a leave-in conditioner before styling adds moisture, nourishes your strands while also protecting it from excess heat. But Ms. Bhatia warns you to steer clear of deep-conditioning treatments, “These treatments can make your hair sooo soft that it gets difficult to style.” Make sure you use a high-quality ceramic brush too. Since you can’t avoid styling on your wedding day, she asks you to, “Book a hair spa after your wedding to detox from all that excessive styling and products.” Of course, it’s a good way to calm your nerves but a great damage-controlling tactic for stronger, healthier hair.

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What happens when you’re two hours away from walking down the aisle, and the ‘updo’ you’ve selected makes you look too darn hideous? Panic and mayhem…

The Expert Solution

Get this etched in your head - updos aren’t sacrosanct for your big day. Ideally, you should choose a hairstyle that’s comfortable for you. C’mon, don’t we all have different hair textures, lengths and face shapes to consider before we finalize the perfect hairstyle? This doesn’t mean you ditch it completely. Ms. Bhatia suggests, “If you intend to get an updo, you must not over layer.” You don’t want your bun to look bigger than your face, right? She also adds, “If your hair is too dark, get some highlights. Hairstyles show better with little lightness in the hair,” she adds. If you decide to color your hair, do it a month in advance at the least. Similarly, with your haircut, Ms. Bhatia asks you to get a cut at least a week before, “Haircut settles and grows on you. Also, you have time to make changes if any.” Makes sense, doesn’t it?

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