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Cleansing At Its Best With the Nykaa CleanTouch 2 in 1 Face Brush and Massager

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Imagine this: You wash your face after a long, hard day, and instead of using your hands to just remove dirt, oil build-up and makeup, you get to experience a spa-level cleanse. Every wash can become a relaxing event with your skin getting exfoliated and deep cleaned while a vibrating pulse increases your blood flow – leaving your face not just dirt-less, but rejuvenated and radiant.

Now that’s possible, every day! The great thing about using a facial cleansing brush is that it clears out clogged pores and it helps gently exfoliate your skin to remove dead skin and debris. The massager lets you pamper your skin and makes it plump and healthy.

What: Nykaa CleanTouch Facial Cleansing Brush & Massager

What’s inside: A facial spa cleanser and massager designed with food grade silicon that is gentle to your skin. The silicon bristles are specifically designed to address your t-zone, cheeks, jaws and more. The massager produces high frequency sonic pulses that will regulate your blood flow and relax your muscles.

Why you need to use this: Other than deeply cleansing and exfoliating, the facial cleanser when used regularly helps reduce signs of aging like wrinkles, fine lines, and firms your skin. It also prevents acne and blackheads by cleansing out clogged pores.

Variants: The cute and compact facial cleanser comes in three pastel colours – blue, green and pink.

How to use: It’s very easy to use. Remove your makeup, then wet your face and apply your regular cleansing product. Next, dampen the brush head and turn the device on. Start massaging your cheek and chin in circular motion and slowly work your way to the other side and your forehead.

You can set the massager’s speed by pressing the up and down buttons. The device takes about 1.5 hours to completely charge and lasts for up to 300 minutes per charging cycle.

Experience and verdict: Initially I was a little sceptical about using a facial brush, thinking it might be harsh on my skin. But the soft silicon bristles and the mild pulsating massager was not only kind to my skin, but it also made it plump and radiant after the very first use! It’s one of the most well-designed products I’ve ever come across. It's compact and gentle which makes it perfect for everyday use.

The claims of preventing blackheads, unclogging pores and avoiding acne are true! In fact when I apply my hydrating serum post cleansing, I can feel it seeping into my skin better. I have started using this device twice a day and I will continue to do so. A generous thumbs up to the Nykaa Clean Touch Facial Cleansing Brush.

Price: ₹2999

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