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Clear Skin Goals With The Best Pimple Creams

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pimple removal creams

If the tiniest of pimples make you panic, we are here to tell you: it’s perfectly normal. If you give it some time, it will heal naturally on its own. But, if like most of us, you are short on patience and don’t want the pimples to collectively stay longer, there’s still hope.

All your skincare regime needs is an inclusion of zit zapping creams along with healthy skin care practices. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list of best pimple creams along with acne scar removal creams to bid adieu to those uninvited bumps. Ready?

Pimple Removal Creams

We’ve rounded up the best pimple removal creams to clear your skin ASAP.

O3+ acne removal creams

1. O3+ Dermal Zone Zitderm Acne & Pimple Cream

If you’ve done your fair share of research on the causes of breakouts, you would know your face could do without excess oil. Meet O3+ Dermal Zone Zitderm Acne & Pimple Cream which balances skin oils to ensure long lasting oil control. This helps in reducing the occurrence of pimples due to excess sebum while healing existing acne. It also refines, minimizes and tightens pores to keep your face looking clear and healthy. Count on the wonders of this zit-zapping cream for spot treatments to soothe trouble areas.

2. Khadi Natural Acne Pimple Face Cream

For a woman with troubled skin, there’s nothing more assuring than leaning on acne-combating products purely made of herbal plant extracts. Khadi Natural Acne Pimple Face Cream packed with the goodness of Neem Extract, Basil Extract, Tea Tree Oil, Calendula Extract, Clove Extract, Cinnamon Bark Extract, Camphor, Lavender Extract, and Turmeric effectively controls acne, pimples, and skin eruptions, thus keeping skin smooth and soft. The astringent, styptic, and cooling properties (courtesy: herbal extracts) of this cream help heal inflamed skin rapidly.

pimple spot removal cream from Khadi
best cream for oily pimple skin

3. Lotus Professional Phyto-Rx Clarifying Pimples & Acne Crème

The best way to calm your skin? Smother it with a blend of acne-fighting ingredients which can be instantly soothing like in Lotus Professional Phyto-Rx Clarifying Pimples & Acne Crème. This cream contains holistic ingredients which treat pimples and clear congested skin. Here’s how: Thyme imparts antibacterial and astringent properties, Tea Tree and Clove Oil imparts antiseptic properties while deep cleansing complexion and Sage Extract calms irritated skin with its anti-bacterial properties.

4. VedicRoots Realclear Acne & Pimple Clearing Cream

Ask any woman who has known acne since time unknown and you will be advised to cure acne at its very root. One way to start with this approach is to invest in a cream like VedicRoots Realclear Acne & Pimple Clearing Cream. Its innovative formulation infused with bio-active ingredients controls excess oil and kills acne causing bacteria. Enriched with goodness of Organic Neem leaves, Tulsi and Turmeric, it helps unclog and shrink pores to prevent future eruptions. The result? Clear and even-toned complexion.

best pimple removal creams
best cream for acne and pimples

5. Orgera Herbal Cream Anti Pimple

Popping pimples can be as scarring as tempting. This is why it’s great to invest in a pimple treatment cream for a safe way to minimize the eruptions. Enter: Orgera Herbal Cream Anti Pimple. Infused with a blend of Neem, Tea Tree Oil, Basil and Clove Oil, it purifies skin thanks to its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Think of it as your herbal route to purified skin.

Pimple Marks Removal Cream

Pimples have a peculiar way of leaving your face. The stubborn ones leave behind traces of proofs in the form of scars as if to make up for their absence. Here’s a lowdown on the best acne scar removal creams to clear your face of any such marks STAT.

1. Zenvista Acne Scars Removal with Neem & Rosemary

Let’s face it: Getting rid of an acne scar is trickier than getting rid of the acne itself. This is where a specially formulated cream like Zenvista Acne Scars Removal with Neem & Rosemary comes into picture. This scar removal cream helps in preventing future breakouts by removing excess oil from the surface of skin and clearing clogged pores. Enriched with Aloe Vera, Neem, Grapeseed, Rosemary, and Almond Oil, it intensely nourishes skin to repair cells and fade scars. Plus, it’s free of parabens and sulphates.

pimple spot removal cream
acne scar removal creams

2. Indya Skin Care Honey & Clove Oil Scar Reduction Face Cream

A face cream that heals acne scars whilst working as a calming agent for existing eruptions? Yes, please. Indya Skin Care Honey & Clove Oil Scar Reduction Face Cream loaded with anti-bacterial and restorative properties of Honey and Clove Oil, fights acne-causing pathogens and reduces scars and inflammation. It also contains Aloe Vera which means hydrated and supple skin. What makes it even better? It has no trace of parabens, sulphates and is entirely cruelty free.

3. BareAir Firming Rebirth Night Cream for Reduces Scars & Spots

There’s nothing better than a cream that can target scars without drying out your skin. Meet BareAir Firming Rebirth Night Cream for Reduces Scars & Spots loaded with the goodness of moisturizing agents like Vitamin E, Olive Oil, Shea Butter, and Aloe Vera Gel. Unlike other creams, this one has more to offer: anti-pollution ingredients which help combat the effects of environmental aggressors on skin (Think: free radical damage).

best cream to remove pimple marks fast
pimple marks removal creams

4. Kayos Curcumin Cream For Acne Scars And Skin Damage With Haldi

Turmeric is a powderful ingredient when it comes to healing acne scars. Kayos Curcumin Cream For Acne Scars And Skin Damage With Haldi offers a blend of Turmeric and other ingredients like Almond Oil, Argan Oil and Milk Extracts to create a zit-zapping powerhouse. Not only that, it also includes Curcumin, an anti-inflammatory agent which is absorbed much better in the skin and helps repair skin damage at a faster rate. Cocoa Butter and Vitamin E ensure your skin stays hydrated and doesn’t look patchy after the rigorous activity of combating scars.

5. Bella Vita Organic Anti Acne, Pimple Scar Spots Removal Cream Gel

Most creams tend to have a greasy formulation which leaves your skin feeling sticky. No thank you. Enter: Bella Vita Organic Anti Acne, Pimple Scar Spots Removal Cream Gel. This clarifying anti-acne gel crème heals acne from the source, prevents future breakouts and diminishes acne scars. Its oil-free formulation soothes irritated skin and deeply hydrates it to improve overall texture. Best part? You can share this potent magic with your beau too.

acne scar removal creams

FAQs On Best Cream For Acne And Pimples

1. Will acne go away if you leave it alone?

Pimples or acne eventually subside naturally. It usually takes a week for a pimple to heal on its own. As long as you don’t prick and interfere with the natural healing process, the pimple won’t leave a permanent scar on your face.

2. How to prevent and treat acne?

Here are a few tips to help treat pimples or acne faster:

  • To shrink the pimple faster, try a product concentrated with Salicylic Acid, Glycolic Acid or Benzoyl Peroxide. These active ingredients target pimples and help clear skin with visible results.
  • When you notice a lot of breakouts on your face, go light on the makeup. Certain cosmetic products especially the oil-based ones can clog pores and result in acne. Going makeup-free for a while can give your skin some time to breathe and recover faster.
  • How often do you wash your face? If the answer is once a day, you need to consider washing your face twice. You never know if the pores in your skin are clogged with a combination of acne-triggering elements like sweat, oil, makeup residue and germs by the end of the day. Make sure you invest in a face wash that doesn’t dry out your skin and exacerbate acne.
  • Resist the temptation to pop pimples. Picking your pimples will only worsen it and spread the bacteria to other parts of your face. Opt for anti-acne spot treatments instead.
  • Try a skin-friendly diet for a while and notice how the breakouts reduce. Here’s a list of items you should ideally cut down on for improved skin health: sugar, dairy products, greasy and fried foods, whey protein powder, white bread (try whole wheat bread instead), alcohol, etc. To help clear acne include brown rice, tomatoes, leafy vegetables, carrots, and blueberries in your diet.

3. What are the best creams for acne?

The best acne removal creams include ingredients which work at the root level to eliminate acne-causing bacteria and purify the skin gently but gradually. Here’s a lowdown on the best creams for oily pimple skin and best acne scar removal creams:

  1. Oshea Herbals Neempure Anti Pimple & Acne Cream
  2. Zenvista Acne Scars Removal Cream
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