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Cold Storage: Nibs For Winter Nips

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Snuggling, cuddling and curling up with a steaming bowl of pasta or a fragrant bowl of soup– now isn’t that winter in a nutshell? It’s the time when you’re wholly and solidly home bound, hibern-ate-ing. While there’s nothing wrong with indulging in a lava cake or some gooey, cheesy entrées; hearty, home-style casseroles still have the edge. ’Tis the season with hundred percent potential to nourish you as you gear up for major lifestyle changes for the New Year.
We’ve got a list of ingredients for you to stock up on, WITH recipes so hearty and Insta worthy, you’ll be wondering why you avoided them all this while.

Read on to know more about the best winter season foods you need this season:

  • Root soup

    While a trip to the market might not be the most appealing thing (brrrr..), we’ve got root vegetables that withstand the cold as much as they help you do so as well. Stock up on root vegetables like beets, carrots and turnips. They’re as great for your skin and hair as your cold creams.  

    Delicious formula: Warming side dishes, We’d say more soups. Dense texture, depth of flavor with inherent sweetness – it’s all good. Best part? You don’t have to be a chef to knock this bowl of creamy tenderness. Just sauté some onions, garlic and ginger. Toss in the veggies, salt and pepper, and let it simmer. Cool before putting it through the blender and slurp up this naturally creamy, delicious bowl of goodness.

  • Nut your usual smoothie

    It’s not news that nuts help you keep warm in winters, while caffeine gets your ass out of the bed. No one wants to glug a cold beverage on a winter morning. Guess what’s the blend that’s coming? Brace yourself.

    Delicious formula:  WARM SMOOTHIE. We don’t give up on a simple, nutritional kick of a smoothie for a nip in the air. Make a regular smoothie with your choice of milk, just warm (not too hot, you don’t want to mess it up during blending). Throw in coffee, banana or even some kale. This is the ultimate smoothie makeover, and trust us, you’ll convert.

  • Sizzling veggies

    Spinach, capsicum, onion, cauliflower and even sprouts. These are friends who stay with you, even in the dead of winter. This doesn’t need to be complicated. Raw, nutritious, full of fibre and healthy enzymes, what’s your excuse?

    Delicious formula:  Spread some peanut butter/almond butter on whole grain bread, toast or just pita bread. Cut fine vegetables of your choice, sprouts, drizzle the seasoning and shove it in the oven for ten minutes. Trust us, this one’s tried, tested and loved. Your pizza, your way. On another note, you could even toss in all the goodness by stir frying these vegetables. Under. Ten. Minutes.

  • Brew>Flu

    What’s not to love about a cup of infused tea on a cold winter evening? It warms your belly, hands, aids digestion and boosts metabolism. Let’s accept we don’t hydrate ourselves the best during winters, so consider this one a smart hack.

    Delicious formula: Boil some water, add a pod of cardamom, a clove, some saffron, and a few tea leaves (of your choice). You can’t go wrong with this one. Let’s just say, let your body reach out to the spice it needs. Netflix, sit back with your favorite magazine or just listen to some music. It’s time to cherish the most of this winter.

  • Piled up protein

    Rolled oats, whole wheat flour, spelt flour and more sources of fibre and protein. Picture this. It’s morning, your family is asleep, no one is delivering, and you are HANGRY. It’s time to take charge of our own happiness, sweeties!

    Delicious formula: Pancakes don’t always have to be carb-heavy calorie bombs smothered in sugar. Quick recipe for a flavorful, light, hot protein pancake ready in under 10 minutes: whip up half-a-cup of rolled oats with one egg and half-a-cup of milk. Beat together and cook on a non-stick pan with a knob of butter. Top with a chopped banana or drizzle with honey.  Now isn’t that a morning hug to start your day with?

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