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Color bombs from Elle 18

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Super cute, exciting and funky cosmetics for pretty young things. Choose from Elle 18’s explosively yummy and fresh range of lipsticks, eyeliners and nail polishes. The perfect match for the young diva who defines her own style and lives by her own rules. Packaged in cool, trendy bottles, Elle 18 color bombs are specially designed to deliver a pop of rich intense color for eyes, lips and nails. Enriched with the nourishing ingredients such as Cocoa Butter, Jojoba Oil, Rose Water and Almonds, the Elle 18 range of cosmetics nourishes as its beautifies. Affordable, trendy beauty in a range of exciting colors that not just looks good but feels great too.
Get an intense blast of color with a punch of Cocoa Butter and Jojoba Oil. Now get a shade for every reason and season. The intense moisturizing core hydrates and protects lips while the rich pigment delivers a pop of color. Flirty and fun lipsticks to keep your pout supple, soft and happy.
Color bombs from Elle 18 - 1
Now you can add a blast of color to your daily routine. Delightful high pigment tints that cover up discolored lips in just a swipe. The shades of pinks, reds and browns are especially designed to match Indian skin tones. Now you can look ‘made up’ in seconds. Best of all, the formula is infused with Cocoa Butter to heal and hydrate lips
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Think of them as patakas for your eyes. Creamy, crackling eyeliners enriched with Almonds. Zany and multifunctional; use them as an eyeliner, kajal or eye shadow. Smooth and easy application. Available in five shimmering, stunning shades.
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A kajal in a stick form that is super convenient to use and carry around. Enriched with Almond Oil to moisturize eyes and prevent them from drying out. The kajal also nourishes the roots of eyelashes. Best of all, it’s formulated with a lustrous black pigment that pretties up your peepers for hours.
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Get the blackest black eyeliner infused with rich pigment and Rose Water to keep your eyes cool.Water-resistant to keep you smudge-proof for hours. Team with kajal for dramatic lined eyes. Comes with a thin brush that makes it easier than ever to draw thin, precise lines.
Color bombs from Elle 18 - 5
Sizzling, vibrant nail polishes in a dazzling array of sixty explosive shades. Youthful, electric tints to add a dash of stylish color to your fingertips. Go flaunt your style with chirpy, poppy tints. Easy-to-carry color bomb bottles to color up your world anytime, anywhere.
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