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Color Corrector Guide To Ace That Beautiful Even Finish

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color corrector guide

Sure concealers are nice but, you know what’s even better? Color correcting concealers. Usually found in the hands of seasoned makeup artists or experts, a color corrector is a well-kept secret to achieving even skin tone with just a few swoops.

For those who are familiar with color correctors but are yet to figure their ABCs, we’ve got you covered. Ahead, you will find all the deets on color concealers so by the end of it, you will know what your makeup routine has been missing all this while.

Color Corrector Guide

Here’s the basic principle on which color correctors work. Colors that sit opposite each other on the color wheel cancel each other out. This helps neutralize unwanted hues from skin and even out your skin tone. Thus, red and green cancel will each other out whereas purple and blue neutralize yellow and orange colors.

Once you get the color theory right, it will be easier to understand how different color correctors work.

orange corrector

1. Orange Concealer

If you have purple or blue tones on your under eye area, the orange concealer can help neutralise the dark undertones. Basically, it’s the perfect pick for dusky skinned beauties with dark circles.

P.S. If you have lighter skin tone, steer clear of the orange corrector and instead lean onto the peach corrector.

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2. Green Concealer

If you are looking for a concealer to balance out redness on your skin, go ahead with a green concealer. Opt for a full coverage formula to block out birthmarks, rashes, sunburn, acne and breakouts.

P.S. If fiery pimples keep showing up tirelessly, bring in a green corrector to cancel out the zits and even out skin tone.

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green concealer
yellow concealer

3. Yellow Concealer

This color works beautifully to minimize the appearance of broken capillaries and also prevent grey undertones.

P.S. If you have an olive skin tone and need to give your complexion a quick pick-me-up, a yellow corrector can do the trick and brighten up your face.

Nykaa Recommends: Nykaa InstaBlur Color Corrector Stick - Lavender

4. Peach Concealer

To counteract subtle blueish hues on your undereye and dark spots caused by sun damage, choose a peach concealer. It works best at disguising hyperpigmentation on lighter to medium skin tones too.

P.S. Peach concealers also come with a pink hue in certain color correcting sets and serves the same purpose.

Nykaa Recommends: Kay Beauty Colour Corrector Stick - Peach

peach color corrector
purple concealer

5. Purple Concealer

Purple concealer steps in to neutralize yellow undertones and make sallow skin glow. Also known as lavender concealer, it basically evens out the warmer spots on your skin.

P.S. Purple concealers are the best for people with olive skin tone who wish to even out their complexion and brighten it up.

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6. Blue Concealer

If your last beach vacay blessed with you stubborn tan spots, take the help of a blue corrector to cover them. It counteracts the orange tones on skin and addresses uneven skin tones.

P.S. If you have a dusky skin tone, a blue corrector can also be used to conceal shadows and dark circles.

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color corrector - blue

How To Apply Corrector Makeup

Are you confused where color correctors fit in your makeup routine? Well, if you’re just starting out, here’s a quick guide on using corrector makeup.

Step 1: Primer is non-negotiable if you want your concealers to stay put for long hours. Apply a pea-sized amount of the Nykaa Prep Me Up! Face Primer on your face.

Step 2: Next up, using the Wet n Wild Small Concealer Brush pat and blend the color correcting formula on the target points of your face to tackle the skin concerns.

Step 3: Once you’ve applied the color concealer, you can now follow it up with a layer of a water-resistant foundation like the Lakme Perfecting Liquid Foundation. Blend it outwards for a seamless base.

Step 4: Set your makeup with a couple of spritzes of NYX Professional Makeup Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray.

Color Correcting Concealers Based On Concerns

Here’s a lowdown on the best color correctors organized by concerns.

concealer for dark circles

1. Concealer For Dark Circles: Nykaa InstaBlur Color Corrector Stick – Orange

We get it: It’s not always possible to resist a binge watch and get that 8 hour of beauty sleep. This is why it helps to have a reliable formula to keep your dark circles concealed for the next day. Enter, the Nykaa InstaBlur Color Corrector Stick – Orange. It blurs dark circles on medium to dark skin tones in an instant. Even better? It is infused with pomegranate seed oil and camellia flower extracts to boost hydration and reduce fine lines.

2. Corrector For Dark Spots: Kay Beauty Colour Corrector Stick – Lavender

There’s no quick remedy for dark spots which is why it helps to count on a formula that can camouflage them until they eventually fade away. Kay Beauty Colour Corrector Stick – Lavender conceals age spots or spots caused by sun damage and old bruises to help achieve an even skin tone. It is designed like a pencil which makes it newbie-friendly. Plus, the marula oil extracts deliver intense hydration for dull and dry skin.

corrector for dark spots
concealer for redness

3. Concealer For Redness: Max Factor Color Corrector Concealing Stick - Correct Redness

Whether you have rosacea or have inflamed spots on certain areas of your skin, Max Factor Color Corrector Concealing Stick can be your sole mate as your skin takes its own time to heal. The precise crayon design helps easily target problem areas and balance out redness; and no, it won’t tug at your skin thanks to its balmy texture which enables a seamless application.

4. Concealer For Acne Prone Skin: Nykaa InstaBlur Color Corrector Stick – Green

Acne-prone skin? There’s one bullet you wouldn’t want to dodge. Nykaa InstaBlur Color Corrector Stick – Green. This bullet helps blur acne and camouflage the appearance of pimples. Enriched with Vitamin C (shout out to pomegranate seed oil) and camellia flower extracts, this formula helps reduce dryness. The best bit? This lightweight formula blends smoothly to offer a high color payoff.

concealer for acne prone skin
la girl pro concealer shades

5. Corrector For Sallow Skin: L.A Girl HD Pro Concealer Color Corrector – Peach

If parts of your skin have been appearing sallow or dull, the L.A Girl HD Pro Concealer Color Corrector – Peach acts like a magic wand to brighten your face. This blendable and buildable formula camouflages discoloration while boasting longwear powers to create the perfect canvas for your foundation. Plus, it comes with a soft brush-tip so it’s easier to dab and blend.

FAQs On Corrector Makeup

1. Can you use your color corrector without foundation?

Color correctors if used with foundation will quickly blend and hardly seem evident. However, if done correctly, color correctors can be worn on their own too without the need for a foundation.

2. How do you choose a color corrector?

While choosing color correctors, you need to focus on three things: the skin concern that you are targeting, your skin tone and the texture of the concealer. For example, if you have a lighter skin tone and are looking to reduce the appearance of pigmentation spots, a peach concealer works best. It also helps to check for the texture (gel, creamy, etc.) to ensure a seamless application.

3. What is an orange corrector used for?

Orange corrector use includes disguising blue dark circles under your eyes for those with warm and olive skin tones. It also helps even out skin tone with discoloration.

4. Which are the best color corrector palettes?

  1. Wet n Wild Cover All Concealer Palette - Color Commentary
  2. Dermacol Corrector Palette
  3. Insight Cosmetics Pro Concealer Palette – Corrector
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