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Color-Treated Hair Hacks Stylists Swear By

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At some point in time you’ve visited the salon either to change up your look, add a fun vibe or simply touch-up the greys. Whatever the reason for the color though, everyone’s posed with the same dilemma; how do I make it last long, reaaaaaaally long.

Top stylists weighed in and here’s the top colored hair tips:

colored hair tips- wait it out

1. Wait it out

You’ve paid a fortune highlighting but what good is that if the color starts to bleed? Professionals recommend not rinsing your strands for at least three days after a color job to let each cuticle close et voila, the hues catch better. Plus, your natural oils form a protective barrier letting your color last longer. 

2. Skip the ’poo daily

Once you get a dye-job chances are it will only outlast the summer. To keep it from fading so quickly stick to lathering only twice or thrice a week. This one’s a double-whammy, first, the harsh chemicals won’t cause damage andtwo, you’re saving water too.

Fun Fact: Washing with cooler water helps lock in the color.

colored hair tips- skip shampoo
colored hair tips- go sulphate free

3. Go sulphate-free

Less foam = less fading. Sodium Laureth Sulphate a common chemical in haircare products causes lather that strips your strands of their in-built moisture that eventually fades off permanent color. Opt for SLS-free shampoo like Schwarzkopf Bonacure Color Freeze Sulfate-Free Shampoo and let your usual go-to products take the backseat for a bit.

4. Avoid the chlorine cool-off

It’s hot and humid outside and you’re craving a cool dip but all that chlorinated-water does is bleach your balayage. Instead, oil your hair or better still tie a top-knot to keep your mane dry. Another clever trick is pre-soaking hair in the overhead shower before diving to avoid absorbing too much chlorine.

colored hair tips- avoid chlorine
how to take care of colored hair- SPF

5. Don’t forget SPF for hair

We all follow the sun-safe skin rule of “never stepping out without a layer of sunscreen” so why not follow suit with your tresses? It’s important to look for haircare products with sun protecting ingredients to fend off the harmful sunrays. Pssst a leave-in conditioner like Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Leave-In Conditioner works just as well.

6. Dry shampoo to the rescue

On the second or third day when your scalp feels more greasy than sexy spray dry shampoo. This no-water cleanser will instantly revive dead-looking locks and add a boost of volume to get that bounce back. Choose one to treat an issue be it a lacklustre mane or gross build-up. We recommend Kevin Murphy Fresh Aerosol Dry Cleaning Spray.  

how to take care of colored hair- dry shampoo
how to take care of colored hair- reduce the use of hot tools

7. Turn down the heat

Apologies to be the bearer of bad news, but excessive heat due to hair styling tools decreases color longevity. To make your vibrant hues stay put, we suggest sparing the heating appliances altogether. But if you absolutely must cheat, you can use a heat protecting mist like Toni & Guy Heat Protection Mist High Temperature Protection from root to tip.

8. Repair don’t despair

It’s a fact hair color is a chemical treatment that will of course cause some amount of hair damage. But fret not, there’s a quick way to avoid discoloration, dryness, brittleness, or breakage. Apply a deep-conditioner like Wella Professionals Brilliance Treatment For Coarse Colored Hair once a week to fortify the color and nourish strands with essential nutrients.

how to take care of colored hair- deep-conditioner
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