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Common C-Section Scar Concerns Answered

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Common C Section Scar Concerns Answered - 1
New moms who have undergone a C-section may have many questions regarding the C-section scar. How do I take care of the scar? Will it hurt? Will it burn and itch?
These are some of the most common questions that usually pop-up after going through the C-section procedure. Read on to find out the common cesarean questions asked by moms.
How do I take care of my C-section scar?
After the C-section, the incision will be covered with a bandage. The wound will be checked upon often by your doctor and the dressing will also be changed once in a while to let the scar breathe a bit since this would help in the healing process as well. Maintaining good hygiene is key. All you need to do is wash the wound well with a soap that's not too harsh and rinse with water. While drying, take care not to rub the incision area.  
How will a C-section scar look?
Your doctor will decide if they need to give a horizontal or vertical incision based on the situation. Horizontal incisions are usually preferred as they are less noticeable later on and also have few chances of a uterine rupture in cases of vaginal birth in future. The advantage of a vertical incision is a faster access to the abdomen. It is used in cases of obstructed labour or when the woman suffers from bleeding that is caused due to placenta previa. How a C-section scar would look like after the healing process varies from woman to woman. At first, the scar would be pinkish or reddish, but with time it would turn pale and flat.
Will my C-section prevent me from having a normal vaginal birth in the future?
If your C-section scar heals properly, you shouldn't face any problems related to vaginal birth in the future. The new tissues are strong enough to withstand labour contractions. It's very rare to have a uterine rupture, where your scars could tear. Uterine ruptures are more likely to happen in cases of vertical incisions and this is the reason why doctors prefer horizontal incisions over vertical ones.
Will my doctor make another incision at a different place for a future C-section?
In future, if you need another C-section, your doctor is most likely to carry out the procedure where the old scar is. This is usually done to avoid an unnecessary second scar. It also helps give the doctors a reference as to where to create a second incision.
Is Itching normal?
Yes, absolutely! However, you should avoid scratching the wound as you do not want to mess up the stitches which could cause problems. It's important to keep an eye on your C-section scar and watch out for any swelling and redness. If you are in severe pain, it's best to contact your doctor immediately.
A word of caution
If at any time during the healing process you are worried about your C-section scar, it's best to contact your doctor right away to avoid any problems and get your scar healed as soon as possible.
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