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Coral-Inspired Makeup To Try This Season

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Coral Inspired Makeup To Try This Season - 1
Sweater-weather is just around the corner and what better way to step into the cooler season than with a hot cup of PSL. While Starbucks got the drink down pat, Instagram’s floored with the orangish-coppery hue.

Not to be outdone, we’ve decided to conjure up five of the best Coral-inspired makeup looks trending on the ’Gram.

  • Coral Inspired Makeup To Try This Season - 2

    1. Call it Coral

    In case you haven’t noticed, the monochromatic makeup bug has bitten everyone, and just in time to bring in Autumn too. So, what better hue to mimic the change in season than with your very own version of Burnt Orange.
    Step 1: Unleash fierceness with this coral makeup look, as you throw on a bold coral ombre pout, complete with an outline of subtle gold.
    Step 2: Next, pair your pucker with a seriously rustic orange lid and don’t skimp out on falsies either (for that extra va-va-voom!)
    Step 3: Tie up the whole monotone look together with a hint of the same sultry shade on your cheeks, inner eye lids, and Cupids bow. Voila, you’re crushin’ it in coral.

    Stock Up On: I Heart Revolution Peach And Glow Palette, Chambor Orosa Lip Perfection Lipstick - 523 Flamingo Orange

  • Coral Inspired Makeup To Try This Season - 3

    2. Cut. Crease. Repeat

    Can’t choose between matte or shimmer? You don’t have to anymore. Here’s a version of sunset eyes using the coral makeup palette, which incorporates both textures in a standout technique – cut crease.  While the artistry looks almost impossible to replicate, trust us, it’s easier than it seems.
    Step 1: Start with a light pink eyeshadow as base on your socket and follow it up with a darker pink.
    Step 2: Now, blend a dark maroon with most concentration on the crease.
    Step 3: Finish off the illusion with a mix of orangish-red only on the lid and add a dash of glitter along the crease to amp it up even further. Pro tip: use tape for a sharper line before starting out. 

    Stock Up On: Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette – Remastered, Dazller Eterna Lustrous Lip Gloss - 501 Clear

  • Coral Inspired Makeup To Try This Season - 4

    3. Orange is Back

    Aren’t ready to fully commit to Pumpkin-inspired makeup yet, here’s an easy alternate to ‘spice it up’ using your existing eye shadow palette. Hooray, no exorbitantly-priced purchases needed for this coral makeup look.
    Step 1: To start, grace your eyes with the usual smoky eye in brown. But instead of opting for a soft shade to keep it dull, turn up the drama (in the inner corner) with the loudest orange you can lay your hands on. Slaying the whole ‘extremely-matte carrot-tinged’ thing won’t get simpler.
    Step 2: Oh, and don’t go too loud on your pout - keep it simple with a soft pastel pink.
    Step 3: As bonus, sculpt and chisel away for one hella defined jawline.

    Stock Up On: Deborah Perfect Smokey Eye Palette - 07 Saffron, GlamGals Matte Eyeshadow – Orange

  • Coral Inspired Makeup To Try This Season - 5

    4. Spice-Spice, Baby

    Cinnamon, nutmeg and five-spice all feature in this last look. Not the condiments, silly, just the shades. As yummy as this combo sounds, it’s equally beautiful when mirrored in this coral coloured makeup look.
    Step 1: Sweep a light cinnamon-toned eye shadow on the entire socket and brush it onto your crease too. This will act as your base.
    Step 2: Then, blend a bomb-esque gold in the middle to catch all that glitz and go all-out with a deeper brown on the outer corner.
    Step 3: Now, top it off with a transitioning copper tint and you’re home.
    Step 4: A stunning metallic rose gold on the lips will take this almost-holographic look to the next level in a single stroke.

    Stock Up On: L.A. Girl Metal Liquid Lipstick – Copper, PAC Mink Eye Lashes - M75

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