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Correct, Conceal and Conquer With Nykaa’s SKINgenius Palettes

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If you like the rest of us mere mortals tend to break out at the drop of a hat or waste a ton of time applying a full face of makeup before heading out the door to cover unsightly blemishes, then this new offering from Nykaa is just what you need. Boasting three concealing palettes (light, medium and dark) to suit every Indian complexion under the sun and one palette only dedicated to color-correcting, cause of course, we’re in dire need of honing our Picasso-skills. Move over uneven skin tone. Consider the war against blemishes already won. Scroll lower to unlock the secrets of these full-service sets…
    Correct, Conceal and Conquer With Nykaas SKINgenius Palettes - 1
  • Light 01
  • If you’ve got a light to medium skin tone then this palette is for you. With four concealer shades ranging from peachy nudes to a darker brown, each hue is lightweight enough to disguise any kind of blemishes from late night Netflix binge sessions to that pesky little pimple. Plus, with tints that are as weightless as these masking your ‘once upon a time’ picture-perfect canvas just got a whole lot easier. Not to leave out the obvious there’s also yellow and pastel-pink to cover-up dark circles and more.
  • Medium 02
  • This one’s for you wheatish skinned folk. There’s no denying it – this travel-friendly portable pack has your back from dusk to dawn. Be it those baggy undereye circles that need instant concealing, blurring out smile lines that wreak havoc in selfies or even nixing those annoying little blackheads that prop up without warning, you’ll forever be prepared for anything that comes your way throughout the day with these trusty tones that blend like butter and build intensely for creamy coverage.
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    Correct, Conceal and Conquer With Nykaas SKINgenius Palettes - 3
  • Deep 03
  • Dreamy dusky beauties, the deepest palette comes to your rescue. Made exactly to match your vibrant complexion all four concealing shades range from tan to dark brown. Add into the mix two color correcting shades orange – to cancel out any marks and yellow – to banish dullness and you have yourself a game-changer anywhere, anytime. Plus, the ultra-velvety formula blends into your skin offering you both the power of contouring and strobing techniques in one compact palette.
  • Correct & Contour
  • Last but not the least is this palette that boasts of not just two, but all six pans wholly dedicated to color-correcting. Sounds genius, right? Just use the faint-yellow to conceal shadows, green to cancel out redness, purple to banish dullness, peach and orange to spot correct, and lastly deep brown to camouflage everything else. The best part – the buildable creamy texture doesn’t settle into fine lines or creases but instead shows off your painting skills like an absolute maestro.
    Correct, Conceal and Conquer With Nykaas SKINgenius Palettes - 4
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