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Correct & Contour With Kay Beauty’s Latest Launches

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When B-town’s very own beauty goddess, Katrina Kaif, launched her own makeup brand, it had us all swooning. If that wasn’t enough, she’s now expanded her Kay Beauty range to add two more products that care for your skin while giving you that superstar glam you’ve always dreamed of. Enter the UnderKover Color Correctors and the ChiselStar Contour Sticks.

UnderKover Colour Corrector Stick

If pigmentation, dark spots, dark circles, and acne marks are bringing you down, get your hands on this breakthrough colour corrector. In an easy-to-use, convenient stick format that does wonders to neutralize skin discoloration, it’s a colour corrector stick that has the precision of a pencil and the finish of a powder with a colour payoff so intense that it will make your complexion even toned and selfie-ready. Infused with Marula Oil and Vitamin C, it hydrates your skin while pumping it full of antioxidants and, if that wasn’t enough, it’s feather-light, super buildable and 100 percent waterproof too!

How To Use

First, pick the skin concern you want to conceal. Second, go back to the days when you learnt about the colour wheel in art class. Third, pick the right colour corrector to neutralize your discolouration. To neutralize blue and purple hues and conceal dark circles and fatigue pick the Yellowshade if you’re fairer, the Peach shade if you’re wheatish, and the Orange one if you’re a dusky beauty. The Green corrector works wonders to conceal redness, acne breakouts, and other skin irritations while the Lavender corrector is your solution to cover dark spots, bruises and dullness. After applying the colour corrector on your problem areas, press (don’t swipe) your foundation onto your face and then follow it up with concealer. Watch those imperfections vanish completely and stay away all day long.

ChiselStar Contour Stick

We’re all about those high cheekbones, pointy nose and sharp jawlines. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with that kind of bone structure naturally. And that’s where Kay Beauty’s ChiselStar Contour Stick comes into the picture. With a creamy texture that finishes matte on your skin, this easy-to-apply, easy-to-carry stick available in three distinct shades is all you need to create the illusion of depth so your best features can truly pop. Infused with Marula Oil and Vitamin C that are magic potions for your skin, it’s 100 percent waterproof and lasts for more than seven hours without touch-ups. Trust us when we say that sculpting and defining your features has never been this effortless.

How To Use

With the Beige Focus shade for fairer skin tones, the Caramel Focus shade for medium complexioned ladies, and the Coco Focus shade for duskier darlings, there’s a contour stick for everyone. Use it to trace along your temples, the hollow of your cheeks, down your nose and along your jawbones. Use your fingers to blend, merging the contour into your foundation. Voila! You now have poppin’ features that would make everyone do a double take.

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