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Debate: Will Eye Makeup Replace Our Lipstick Post The Pandemic?

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Eye Makeup Challenges

On bad days, we have lipstick… or so we thought. Coco Chanel, too, worked the ‘If you’re sad, add more lipstick and attack,’ survival tactic. Frankly, we’ve known no better. It’s always been our pick-me-up during testing times. Guess we’re in a bigger soup this time around. ’Cause where we’re at right now, lipstick is as powerless as our Tinder swipes. In the unfortunate moment that you may succumb to its powers, it’s either hidden under your mask or made you the new Rudolph the red nose reindeer.

Some might debate that makeup, in itself, has become inapt. Others might disagree. Our incessant Zoom calls, virtual date nights and e-parties also puts on a conflicting show. But interestingly, what’s unanimously gained popularity are our DIY experiments and makeup challenges. What began with face masks and manicures has overtime advanced to the more challenging tasks. Hair grooming obviously took precedence… from removal to cuts, color and even styling. Alongside, eye makeup trends has also picked pace. And not in a ‘making a grocery run but not without my smokey eye’ kind of way. Instead, in a more pragmatic or unleashing-my-inner-artist way. Celebrities and bloggers the world over are having a crack at it. And are already striking an impression. Some make it seem so effortless, we’re envious.

But this has caused aplenty debates and concerns in the makeup industry. Whether or not lipsticks will get its popularity back post the pandemic? Will eye makeup take over instead? Will this phase prompt us to rehaul our vanity kit? Or not really? Before we get ahead of ourselves, Beauty Book lays eyes on all the experiments doing the rounds. Here’s looking…

Eye Makeup Trends To Look For This Lockdown…

Conscious Beauty – Blue Eyeshadow and Winged Eyeliner

1. Model & Muse: American Singer Bebe Rexha X Vogue

The Experiment: Concealing dark circles with a bright blue eyeshadow and slick winged eyeline.

To Bag: Milani Hypnotic Lights Holographic Eye Topper - Prismatic Light, Nykaa Get Inked! Sketch Eyeliner Pen in Onyx 01

The Prediction: Hell ye. It’s a two-minute look that will undoubtedly elevate your day. It won’t smudge with your cuppa coffee and frankly, even if it does, it’ll still play the part. You can put your own spin on this versatile look too.

2. Model & Muse: Traciee Ellis Ross

The Experiment: Bright pink-and-orange, dual-toned eyeshadow with a deep, contrasting crimson pout.

To Bag: Makeup Revolution Reloaded Red Alert Eyeshadow Palette, Kiko Milano Intense Colour Long Lasting Eyeliner - 07 Metallic Light Green

The Prediction: Her looks are so fun and artsy but also wearable and doable at the same time. She’s seamlessly contrasted bold hues without batting an eyelid. *pun intended* Whereas her other ballsy all-neon, all-green statement is equally impressive statement.

Makeup Challenges – Dual Tone Eyeshadow with Crimson Pout
Eye Makeup Trend – Rainbow Eyes with Dramatic Brow and Multi-Hued Reverse Winged Eye

3. Model & Muse: Elle Fanning

The Experiment: Her version of rainbow eyes with a dramatic brow, and multi-hued reverse winged eye.

To Bag: NYX Professional Makeup Worth The Hype Colored Mascara – Blue, L.A Girl 35 Color Eyeshadow Palette - Born Exclusive

The Prediction: We’re not quite sure of her Black Swan-meets-color makeover. This arresting look ought to strictly be trapped indoors. Although, we do agree with her on one thing… that your mascara needn’t be just for your lashes. So, thanks but no thanks?

4. Model & Muse: Kaia Gerber

The Experiment:Rainbow eyes seen from a model’s lens with glossy lips and a heart-shaped red pout.

To Bag: Swiss Beauty HD Textured Shadow Palette – 3

The Prediction: Ooooh boy! We can tell that this one’s going to be a hit as soon as we step out in it, post the pandemic. Clearly there’s no right or wrong way to pulling it off. So no stress on that front. Just match the shade to your skin tone, is all.

Conscious Beauty – Rainbow Eyes with Glossy Lips and Heart-Shaped Red Pout
Makeup Challenges – Monotone Butterfly Effect with Wings

5. Model & Muse: Alaya F

The Experiment: Monotoned butterfly effect – with wings and the works!

To Bag: Nykaa Glamoreyes Colour Eye Pencil Kajal

The Prediction: Sure can do. Only if you’re talking Halloween appearances, masquerade or themed parties. And given the fact that you’re blessed with the ability to paint and draw, obviously.

6. Model & Muse: Santoshi Shetty

The Experiment: Her bevy of eye looks includes designer-inspired, bold animation, abstract patches, futuristic avatars, wild racy brows…

To Bag: L.A Girl 35 Color Eyeshadow Palette - Born Exclusive

The Prediction: Not for the faint heart. But since practice makes perfect, Santoshi seems to be coming out of this lockdown as a budding expert. Pretty confident her makeup artist ain’t getting that call for her next photoshoot. Guess that’s the lesson to learn for all of us, right? Staying atmanirbhar and all that.

Eye Makeup Trend – Bold Eye Look
Conscious Beauty – Girl-Next-Door Pink Monotone Look

7. Model & Muse: Disha Patani

The Experiment: Summertime girl-next-door all pink monotoned look.

To Bag: Kiko Milano Bright Duo Baked Eyeshadow - 01 Pearly Pink - Satin Coral

The Prediction: onestly this look’s three seasons behind. One that we’ve probably already done. So what’s the big deal? The fact that here’s a non-makeup-artist, sharing makeup tricks and techniques while applying it on herself… and actually gets it right. We see what’s happening here.

8. Model & Muse: Gauri and Suhana Khan

The Experiment: Basic everyday glow face.

To Bag: L'Oreal Paris Glow Mon Amour Highlighting Drops

The Prediction: In this ‘mother turns makeup artist and daughter plays muse for a day’ episode, Gauri Khan shows off her beginner level makeup skills. This high-shine glam look isn’t going anywhere, and no Covid-19 can scare this one off. But we can’t help but notice how she hasn’t been partial to just her daughter’s striking doe-like eyes.

Makeup Challenges – Basic Everyday Glow Face

From the looks of it, eye makeup is surely having its moment. And may continue to do so. (’Cause we’ve got all these newfound skills to flaunt, eh?) But look closer, and you’ll realize that our celebrities haven’t forgotten all about their lipsticks. IMO, no look has (or will ever be) been complete without the other. They’re the duo that need to go hand-in-hand. Only this time the spotlight is on the least favorite ‘child’. And so be it. So, our bet’s on conscious beauty, without dismissing our first love in makeup. Thoughts?

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