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DECODED: Different Types of Makeup Looks, Techniques, and Products

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Different Makeup Looks

Who doesn’t like wearing makeup? From glam to the no-makeup makeup look, there’s plenty to do and experiment with every day. Whether you’re prepping to spend a casual evening with friends or getting red carpet-ready for a big day, there are so many different makeup looks that’ll help you put your best face forward. Envision this – a big fat Indian wedding or a get-together at a swanky restaurant, and you’re the showstopper? We’re here to get you there.

In fact, the different types of makeup looks are all about how it can add that little extra to your personality. You have got to start somewhere, so let us first take you through the most sought-after makeup application techniques.

Different Makeup Techniques

Brush makeup application technique

1. Brush Makeup Application Technique

Brushes – a foolproof tool for decking up that helps you create the ideal look with minimal effort. In fact, the best technique is to brush in light, short, and purposeful motions that help blend the formula better. Opt for brushes with softer and thicker bristles. And those teensy brushes that come along with your palettes don’t count.


  • The moto of makeup is to look flawless and that’s what you exactly get – an even application.
  • A makeup brush helps you layer on and build coverage that looks natural.
  • In term of investment, shelling out money for a set of good makeup brushes won’t leave a hole in your pocket.


  • When you’re choking between getting dressed and attending calls, makeup that comes with scanty hassle is all you need.
  • If you’re a germaphobe, then a makeup brush might not be the best option for you. Thumb rule: You always need to keep these babies clean.

Now with brushes, one size doesn’t fit all. So, if you were thinking otherwise all this time, this is us bursting your bubble.

  • A tapered foundation brush gives you quick coverage and seamless blending.
  • A kabuki brush is great for applying loose powder or blush.
  • Craving for defined cheekbones? An angled contour brush is your go-to option.
  • An expertly crafted fan brush is what goes best with your highlighter.
  • For your eyes, you got a flat brush that helps you pick eyeshadow pigment better, an angular brush for more color payoff, and a blending brush for flawless transition.
  • Lastly, a fine-tipped lip brush is ideal for greater lip definition.

2. Airbrush Makeup Technique

Mostly used in the film and modelling industry, the airbrush makeup technique lends a natural, blended, clear and refined look. In airbrush makeup, usually circular and forward-back motions are used with an airbrush makeup machine to apply the foundation. Once the gun trigger is pulled, a soft, light spray of makeup oozes out in the form of mist.


  • Call it a boon, because an airbrush makeup look lasts all day long.
  • A flawless finish is what you are guaranteed of with this makeup technique in hand.
  • With this makeup technique, just a little product goes a long way.


  • Well, the not-so great news is that if not done well, the final look can appear flaky.
  • For those who are a bit tear-prone (no shame), it can be tough to re-blend.
  • This could sound heartbreaking, but you should know, airbrush makeup is typically more expensive.

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airbrush makeup technique

Different Types of Makeup Looks

Now let’s look at the difference between the two famous makeup looks – No-Makeup Makeup Look and Shimmer Makeup Look.

Airbrush makeup

1. The Day Look or No-Makeup Look

You’re heading to work for an important board meeting and have the smartest pantsuit on. Your makeup must be subtle and crisp in equal parts. Well, the no-makeup makeup look is exactly what you need. A flawless look that enhances your natural features without seeming over-the-top, let us take you through its stepwise breakdown.

  • Before you begin on anything, start with a clear skin. Even out your skin tone using a light coverage foundation for a natural and sheer finish. You may want to use a spot concealer just in case there are some areas that need extra coverage.
  • Tight line your eyes because they have the clout either to make or break it. Line the top and bottom inner rim of your eyes with a liner. Stay close to the roots of lashes to offer a more natural volume.
  • What’s makeup without defining your lashes? Grab an eyelash curler to add body to your lashes and top it off with a mascara to lock the lash drama.
  • In case you’re forgetting, brows are a snazzy part of your no makeup look. Use a brow pencil to fill in the gaps in your brows.
  • The hack to a simple makeup look stays incomplete without defining the cheeks. Pick an earthy peach tint and sparsely brush it on the apples of your cheeks to give a stained or rosy effect. Finish it off with a lip balm to soften your pout.

2. The Night Look or Shimmer Makeup Look

Ever dreamt of attending a gala night with your crush in it? Yes, this shimmer makeup look will transform your simple, next-door-girl look to one that people can’t help but stare at. The trick lies in an extra touch of that sparkle to make you stand out. Find your hack in 5 simple steps.

  • First up, grab a primer and prep your face. Up next, move on to create the base using a concealer and foundation.
  • Begin by priming your eyelids with your favorite lid primer. This helps your eye shadow last longer. Gently pat your favored shimmer eyeshadow onto your lids using a makeup brush.
  • Long, fluffy lashes are the talk of the town. Go all bold with a pair of the most dramatic falsies and don the doe-eyed look with panache.
  • Instead of going all glitzy with your pout, go with a matte red or maroon. It helps in striking the perfect balance.
  • Ain’t no party without your highlighter! Dust your cheekbones and highpoints with a gold highlighter to complete the look.
Face shimmer

High Definition Makeup Products

Done with the looks? Let’s move on to the two main category of makeup products – mineral makeup products and HD makeup products.

1. HD Makeup products

While there is all the buzz about what an HD makeup look is, let’s get you settled with this one simple thing. It is High Definition Makeup innovated to make your skin look seamless on screen. The name may sound fancy but follows a conventional method and the results – well, a non-cakey, natural, and a soft flawless look that looks lit on celluloid. While it is the kind of makeup every bride dreams of, you may still ask, what makes a high definition makeup stand out? For obvious reasons, it’s the HD makeup products that are dusted with light-diffusing coating.

So just in case you’re planning to turn a new leaf, here’s how HD makeup benefits you.

  • You have two things to be amazed about. One, an HD makeup giving you a lighter makeup feel and two, a more natural look.
  • You can’t get more serious when it comes to your skin. HD makeup here is a blessing. It is suitable for all skin types.

2. Mineral Makeup Products

Mineral makeup seems to be the new makeup bandwagon these days. And why not, because aren’t they supposed to be made using all-natural makeup products? But the history of mineral makeup goes way beyond to the era of early cave-dwellers. It needs of women with sensitive skin. Mineral makeup products like mineral powder and mineral foundation are ideal for sensitive and breakout-prone skin type.

Saying ‘NO’ to makeup is a sin, especially when you’re unaware about its benefits.

  • Stop sulking over your dark circles. Giving a better coverage, mineral makeup is your savior.
  • Here comes mineral makeup to soothe your sensitive skin.
  • Since they are made using natural ingredients, they don’t harbor bacteria. What a relief!
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