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14 Products You Need for An Everything Shower Day

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14 Products You Need for An Everything Shower Day

A few moons ago, the popular social media platform TikTok paved the way for a never-seen-before fad: the everything shower routine. This top-to-toe weekly ritual is highly customisable and underlines the need for a reset – not just for the body but also for the mind and soul. If you wish to jump on this trend bandwagon, here’s everything you need to know. And all the products you should grab from Nykaa!

How Often Should You Indulge in An Everything Shower Routine

The benefits of 'an everything shower routine' are manifold. However, we recommend committing to the indulgence once a week (only) to break free from the monotony of life! Wondering why? Well, for starters, the routine is exhaustive and elaborate. It entails targeted treatments for both hair and body – if overdone prove counterproductive to their health. Case in point, using scrubs or exfoliants daily can strip the skin of its natural oils, leading to parchedness, inflammation or irritation.

How to Build An ‘Everything Shower Routine’

New to this trend? Here’s an editor-approved ‘everything shower routine’ for your consideration. Feel free to tweak or trim the ritual basis relevant concerns, product preferences and just the sheer amount of time you have.

1. Pre-shower Ritual

Before you hop into the shower, give dry brushing a shot. An efficacious but overlooked practice, dry brushing improves the skin’s blood circulation and expedites lymphatic drainage. It also removes the dead-dried cells on the dermis, ensuring a smoother cleansing experience.

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2. Use A Pre-Wash Oil or Treatment

You can use an oil or treatment to reinvigorate the scalp before cleansing and conditioning. If stunted hair growth is a concern, opt for bond-repair treatments or scalp tonics that facilitate healthy regeneration of scalp cells, strengthen the follicles, and bolster hair growth.

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3. Set The Mood

An ambrosial scent that wraps around you and uplifts your spirit. Neat right? Invest in a scented candle to set the mood for your meticulous regimen.

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4. Start With Your Hair

Always cleanse and condition your hair before moving on to the skin. This should be ensured because washing your tresses leads to an accumulation of product residue on the body and face. Rinse this build-up to steer clear of skin inflammation or irritation. Pick a shampoo best suited for your hair concerns. For example, if parched tresses are bogging you down-pick a hydrating formula. On the other hand, look for an oil control concoct for an immoderately oily mane.

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5. Always Condition

Never skimp on conditioning! Use a creamy whip to help seal the moisture content into the hair cuticles. This step ensures an incredibly soft and manageable mane for the rest of the day (or a couple of days hopefully). We recommend using cold water for this process, as it smooths out the strands while bestowing them with an impeccable shine.

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6. Now for Your Skin

To eliminate the dead cells from the dermis, use a scrub. A generous lather of this formulation promotes the regeneration of skin cells to reveal a brighter, cleaner complexion. It should also be the preliminary step to the in-shower shave you have been planning all week (if at all). Prepping with a scrub or exfoliant ensures a smooth shave by minimising the friction between the razor and your skin. It also brings down episodes of razor burns substantially.

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7. Shave With The Grain

Use a razor to do away with the body fuzz. To dwindle episodes of pesky ingrowth, always shave in the direction of the hair growth. Observe caution while navigating tricky spots, around ankles and elbows.

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8. Wash Off All Your Stress

Next, summon a potent body wash to relieve the body of dust and grime. An ideal body wash refreshes the skin without drying it out. Additionally, your choice of body wash should depend on the skin concerns you wish to address. For hydration, use brews with humectants. If you have oily skin, try body washes with exfoliants that guarantee a balanced microbiome. Pick vitamin C-infused formulas that promise a luminous radiance to the skin.

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9. Cleanse Your Face

For the final step in the shower, use a face wash suited to your skin type. This formula zaps deep-seated impurities from the skin while bestowing it with a glow. Just like a body wash, your face wash will depend on the type of concerns you wish to address.

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10. Post Shower

Use a microfiber towel to dry your hair and the rest of your body. While your skin is damp, apply a generous amount of body cream on it. As you’re still fresh out of the shower, the pores are open and absorb the product instantly. Follow this up with a moisturiser for your face to seal the hydration for a solid 4 to 6 hours. Last but not least, use a hair serum to beat frizz and ensure luxuriantly glossy tresses.

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