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Decoding Ombre Nails- 5 Simple Ways To Wear The Trend

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ombre nails

While the internet births several new nail trends every microsecond, one that has survived the test of time is the ombre manicure. Ombre nails or ‘baby boomer nails’ — in its nascent stage, circa 1940, was a just layer of soft pink flowing into a quintessential French tip. However, today, there are a mind-boggling number of renditions.

With over 7.4 Mn posts with the #ombrenails on Instagram, it is a summer nail trend that the beauty community cannot get enough of. And, if you are looking for ombre manicure ideas that transition beautifully from office-ready to 'out-into-town', exceptionally well, we come bearing inspiration (you know the drill)!

Whether you want to create a soft, simple gradient with two or more colours or add some razzle-dazzle with glitter, these super chic mani ideas are easy to create at home. So, ditch that appointment to the nearest nail bar as we coach on ways to get the salon-level, ombre art with the below ideas.

How To Get Ombre Nails At Home

One of the many reasons for the dizzying popularity of the ombre manicure trend is just how easy it is to crack. Trying this trend doesn’t call for an elaborate shopping list or any expertise, well, not really. Just grab two nail paints, preferably from the same colour family, a damp makeup sponge and get ready to start rolling! Apply a layer of your base shade on your enamel first. We recommend opting for a pearly white or beige for the same. Now, add the two colours of the ombre in vertical lines across the cross-section of the sponge. Make sure there is no space between the duo. Stamp this sponge on your nail, diligently to create the seamless diffusion of colours.

5 Different Ombre Manicure Ideas To Try

The French Ombre

french ombre

Paying homage to the origin of the trend— featuring first on our list is the French ombre. It is the perfect fit for people who want to jump on this trend bandwagon but aren’t big on bold colouring. The French ombre is subtle, romantic and elegant — whether you are heading out for brunch or engaging in a night of shots. To make your manicure look more pronounced, consider adding a sheer coat for the high-gloss shine or some sparkle for fun, maybe?

Pink Ombre 

pink ombre tips

Barbicore has been trending all summer—with Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling’s highly awaited movie about to hit the big screens this July. This infatuation with all things pink has also translated into a plethora of manicure ideas and we are not complaining. So, what are you waiting for? Give your nails a pretty pink manicure that they deserve this summer. This rendition of the ombre starts with a speck of hot or petal pink on the tip, diffusing into a beige near the cuticles.

Glitter Daze Ombre

glitter ombre

Want to crank your nail game up a few levels? Dabble in some mani magic with this shimmery take on the ombre. Prep your nails with a base coat to ensure the longevity of your nail colour. Follow this up with a layer of petal pink or beige as your base and then proceed to knock yourself out with a shimmery gold for creating the ombre! Start dabbing the glitter from the nail tip and work your way, inwards— to the nail bed.
It's the perfect pick for a night of partying at the club or even festivities.

Cotton Candy Ombre

cotton candy ombre

We have a penchant for manicure ideas, detailing our love for snacks. Precisely why, the popular cotton candy ombre makes it to our list. Created with varying shades of peaches and cream — this manicure is trendy, chic, dreamy and has summer written all over it.

Neon Ombres

neon ombre

Neon never goes out of style, no matter what the season. So, we are bringing this palette to our nails for a retelling of the cosmos’ stories. This manicure is reminiscent of the vast, beautiful sky with the sprinkling of glitter, acting like stars. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg, the possibilities with neon in gorgeous ombre are endless.

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